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  1. Dan Hill — Closing keynote: 15 years in

    It is time for the prac tice of web devel op ment and design to broaden its hori zons. How can the skills and expe ri ence we’ve acquired over the last 15 years of work ing on the inter net be applied more broadly to, say, the design of cities, build ings, organ i sa tions, gov ern ment and so on?

    In a slightly fool hardy, ambi tious talk, Dan will draw from his expe ri ence of lead ing design across the BBC’s web sites, co-​​founding the global media prod uct Monocle, work ing with projects like Lonely Planet, Channel 4, Urbis museum and the Spice Girls web site, and now his cur rent work with the mul ti dis ci pli nary design con sul tancy Arup, where he helps design bet ter cities, build ings and streets.

    Dan will sug gest that some of these core ideas — har ness ing user-​​centred think ing with the sparks of indi vid ual insight, work ing with real-​​time data, sep a rat ing con tent from pre sen ta tion, mul ti dis ci pli nary design-​​centred prac tice, enabling adap ta tion and hack a bil ity, bal anc ing top-​​down inter ven tion with bottom-​​up emer gence, amongst oth ers — might work effec tively as core prin ci ples of ser vice design, offer ing new ways to build, design, inno vate and oper ate to ser vices, prod ucts and organ i sa tions well out side of the Australian web industry’s tra di tional focus.

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  2. Simon Willison — Building crowdsourcing applications

    Crowdsourcing appli ca tions take indi gestible tasks and break them down into digestible pieces, enabling a group to help plough through large scale projects in much shorter peri ods of time.

    Designing and build ing crowd sourc ing appli ca tions incor po rates a fas ci nat ing range of chal lenges, from usabil ity, psy chol ogy and inter ac tion design to scal ing appli ca tions for surges of traf fic — all the while ensur ing that con trib u tors are rewarded, good behav iour is encour aged and the result ing data comes out in a use ful format.

    This talk will dis cuss lessons learned build ing seri ous crowd sourc ing appli ca tions on news room sched ules at the Guardian, and play ful crowd sourc ing fea tures for WildlifeNearYou​.com.

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