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  1. Mac Power Users #345: Cloud Wars: iCloud and Dropbox - Relay FM

    Katie and David are joined by David Chartier to discuss whether or not Dropbox and iCloud are up to the task of cloud-based file storage.


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  2. Mac Power Users #343: Workflows with Serenity Caldwell - Relay FM

    iMore writer and artist Serenity Caldwell joins the Mac Power Users to talk about the iPad, Mac, the new iPhone, and artist workflows.


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  3. Mac Power Users #340: GTD Workflows with Mike Williams - Relay FM

    Mike Williams, President and CEO of the David Allen Company joins Katie and David to talk about the GTD methodology, the tech he uses to get things done, implementing the 5 steps and common pitfalls and solutions.


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  4. Mac Power Users #328: iOS Email - Relay FM

    David and Katie go back to email specifically to discuss the state of iOS email clients, the various email apps they’ve used, what they like, what works, what doesn’t and how they’re managing email on iOS.


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  5. Mac Power Users #307: 20 under $20 - Relay FM

    Katie and David share 20 of their favorite Mac Apps under $20 each.


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  6. Mac Power Users #302: Our Gear - 2016 Edition - Relay FM

    Answering a frequently asked listener question, David and Katie recap the technology gear they regularly use at home and work, including a review of their Macs and iOS devices and what’s on their desks.


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  7. Mac Power Users #295: Workflows with Shawn Blanc - Relay FM

    Shawn Blanc returns to the show to talk about his new Focus Course and leading a more focused life, productivity planning and shares some of his favorite tools for writing and creating.


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  8. Mac Power Users #291: Focusing on iPad - Relay FM

    David and Katie discuss the various models of iPad, choosing the right device, and how the iPad and our use of the device has evolved over the years.


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  9. Mac Power Users #289: The New Apple TV - Relay FM

    David and Katie discuss the new Apple TV including their use, tips and tricks and thoughts on the Future of TV.


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  10. Mac Power Users #278: iOS 9 and New Apple Hardware - Relay FM

    In anticipation of iOS 9’s release this week David and Katie discuss their experiences and favorite features of using the new OS. They also can’t help a little discussion of Apple’s latest announcements.


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