164: Waiting for the Bla-Bloop

Flash drives for car music

Samsung Flash Drive Fit

Marco’s modification


Apple and renewable energy

Purple Safari

1Password stable override

1Password beta

TextExpander 6’s controversial move to subscription pricing

MJ Tsai’s summary

1Password for Teams

1Password for Families

Marco’s adventures in home automation

Amazon Echo

Amazon Dash Button


Chamberlain MyQ

Raspberry Pi

Belkin WeMo



Connected #85: Pokédex of iMacs


Apache Mesos

Amazon Tap

Amazon Echo Dot

Sonos Play 1

Ending theme by Jonathan Mann

Post-show Neutral: Tesla Model 3


Tesla Roadster

Tesla Model S


Jalopnik on the Model 3

Volkswagen Phaeton

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Betterment: Investing made better.

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