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  1. The Bookie, The Phone Booth, and The FBI

    This week, Note to Self gets in our time machine, back to the court cases that brought privacy from the founding fathers to Google Docs. Stories of bookies on the Sunset Strip, microphones taped to phone booths, and a 1975 Monte Carlo. And where the Fourth Amendment needs to go, now that we’re living in the future.

    The amendment doesn’t mention privacy once. But those 54 little words, written more than 200 years ago, are a crucial battleground in today’s fight over our digital rights. That one sentence is why the government can’t listen to your phone calls without a warrant. And it’s why they don’t need one to find out who you’re calling.

    But now, we share our deepest thoughts with Google, through what we search for and what we email. And we share our most intimate conversations with Alexa, when we talk in its vicinity. So how does the Fourth Amendment apply when we’re surrounded by technology the Founding Fathers could never dream of?

    With Laura Donohue, director of Georgetown’s Center on Privacy and Technology. Supreme Court audio from the wonderful, under a Creative Commons license.

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  2. Big Pharma’s Hold on Your Body

    "Adam Tanner, author and fellow at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, joins us to discuss his new book Our Bodies Our Data: How Companies Make Billions Selling Our Medical Records. Tanner examines how big pharma invades our medical privacy with a detailed account of how drug companies collect, analyze and sell patient data. He reveals that anyone who has ever visited a doctor has likely had their prescriptions, hospital records, insurance claims, blood-test results, and more bought and sold for corporate gain."

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  3. Digging Into Facebook’s File On You - Note To Self

    So here’s the thing: every time you "like" something, share something, tag yourself in a photo, or click on an article on Facebook, the site collects data on you and files it away in their folder of YOU. And it’s not just your activity on Facebook that they’re keeping track of. They also track what device you used to log on, what other app you came from, other sites you’ve visited, and much more.

    All that data helps Facebook paint a detailed picture of who you are and what you like for advertisers. The problem is that we don’t know how, exactly, that picture is formed. The algorithms at work are a "black box." We don’t know how these algorithms decide whether we’re a "trendy mom" or a "frequent traveler." And we don’t know how they decide which ads to show us. In short, no one is really accountable.

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  4. Is My Phone Eavesdropping On Me? - Note To Self

    "This week, we’re talking with the one and only Walter Kirn. He covers privacy, tech and surveillance, and – unrelated – he wrote the book behind "Up in the Air" with George Clooney. His most recent work lives in this month’s Atlantic Magazine, and it’s called "If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy.""

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  5. Aral Balkan and ethical design – Boss Level Podcast

    "If I’m concerned about privacy, my guest today is probably ten times more so. Aral is an activist, a designer and a software developer. He’s one of the founders of Indie, a tiny social enterprise working for social justice in the digital age. He’s also the man behind the Ethical Design Manifesto."

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  6. Anil Dash — Tech’s Moral Reckoning

    "A wildly popular blogger, tech entrepreneur, and Silicon Valley influencer, Anil Dash has been an early activist for moral imagination in the digital sphere — an aspiration which has now become an urgent task. We explore the unprecedented power, the learning curves ahead, and how we can all contribute to the humane potential of technology in this moment."

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  7. State of surveillance: privacy in Donald Trump’s America – Guardian tech podcast

    "In this week’s episode of Chips with Everything, we discuss the Patriot Act, the USA Freedom Act and Edward Snowden’s NSA files leak. Plus: we look at how president-elect Donald Trump’s outlook on mass surveillance might compare and contrast to that of President Barack Obama’s.

    We’re joined in the studio by Guardian journalist Ewen MacAskill, one of the reporters involved in the publishing of leaked NSA documents supplied by Edward Snowden in 2013."

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  8. ‘Technology is changing the face of the HSE’

    Richard Corbridge on The Last Word, 11th January 2017.

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  9. Mixergy: Seth Godin On How To Build And Lead Your Tribe

    Godin gives a top-level understanding of how to build your community, a good followup to this presentation is my interview with Max Alexander about the tactics of creating groups.

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  10. The We Generation

    From Facebook to Wikipedia, World of Warcraft to YouTube, the life of the community has moved on line. And taken on a life of its own. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, the power of we, and the move toward collective identity and global think.

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