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  1. We Find Out Drinking Mispillion River Beer Is A Lot Easier Than Saying It -

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    Located in Milford, Delaware, about 20 minutes away from the shore, Mispillion River Brewing has been on a rampage, creating 39 different beers in only several months.  This in and of itself is pretty crazy, but Brewmaster Jared Barnes has taken his craft a step further by somehow creating a familiar feel and fantastic finish with every creation.


    From Saison to Imperial IPA, each beer has this incredibly smooth and clean feel to it that lets you know you’re having a drink crafted by the Siebel grad.  Combining his vast knowledge of beer with an incredible palette for pairing, Barnes and I talk about everything from his start as a home brew guy to his time in Germany refining his craft.  Never at a loss for flavor, Jared runs a gauntlet of taste as he pairs some of the 9 Mispillion River  beers I had the fortune of sampling.  Even though he’s a Niners fan from PA, I will definitely be making a detour on my way to the shore this summer to grab a couple growlers and, maybe if I’m lucky, some cans as well.


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