Vanilla JavaScript with Chris Ferdinandi

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  1. MJS 101: Chris Ferdinandi

    In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles Max Wood hosts Chris Ferdinandi, a Senior Front-End Engineer at Mashery. Chris is also a panelist on the podcast JavaScript Jabber and runs Go Make Things. Chris started out his career as in Human Resources, decided he wanted to go into development after he was asked to work on a coding project by his manager and he really enjoyed it. He got his first coding job as an entry level developer after attending a web development conference. Chris authors Vanilla JavaScript Pocket Guides which are short, focused e-books and video courses made for beginners.

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  2. Ep 5 - “Learning Vanilla JavaScript” with Chris Ferdinandi - JavaScript for WordPressJavaScript for WordPress

    In this Episode of the JavaScript for WordPress Show, educator Zac Gordon talks with developer and educator Chris Ferdinandi.  Chris has years of experience working with Vanilla JavaScript (and jQuery) and has several popular JavaScript plugins and learning resources.

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    Show Notes

    Follow Chris on Twitter

    Go Make Things – Chris’s Website

    Chris Ferdinandi on Github

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  3. CodeNewbie: What is vanilla JS and how can it help you with Chris Ferdinandi

    In this episode, we talk about about vanilla JavaScript with Chris Ferdinandi, author of the Vanilla JS Pocket Guide series, and creator of the Vanilla JS Academy training program. Chris talks about how he went from HR professional to JavaScript expert, the pros of getting rid of all that tooling and learning good old fashion vanilla JS, and why this is relevant, not only from a personal perspective, but from a public safety perspective as well.

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  4. JSJ 299: How To Learn JavaScript When You’re Not a Developer with Chris Ferdinandi -


    AJ O’Neal

    Joe Eames

    Aimee Knight

    Special Guests: Chris Ferdinandi

    In this episode, JavaScript Jabber panelist speak with Chris Ferdinandi. Chris teaches vanilla JavaScript to beginners and those coming from a design background. Chris mentions his background in Web design and Web Develop that led him JavaScript development. Chris and the JSJ panelist discuss the best ways to learn JavaScript, as well as resources for learning JavaScript. Also, some discussion of technologies that work in conjunction with vanilla JavaScript.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    Teaching JavaScript – Beginners and Design patrons

    Web Design and Web Development

    CSS Tricks 

    Todd Motto

    How to do jQuery Things without jQuery

    Doing things like mentors (Todd)

    When JavaScript makes sense.

    CSS is easier to learn then JS?

    Being good at CSS and JS at the same time?

    How about Node developers?

    jRuby, DOM


    And much more!





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    Your Smart Phone is Making You Stupid…

    Crypto Currency


    Mystic Vale



    Teva Mush

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  5. // Returning sanity to the webdev process

    In this episode, we talk to Chris Ferdinandi believes that many of our modern best practices are harming the web.

    Chris has ideas for a new set of best practices that bring more simplicity and sanity to the dev process. They involve such heretical ideas as not using the popular JavaScript…

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  6. 365: ARTIFACT Pre-Show with Jennifer Robbins and Chris Ferdinandi - ShopTalk

    Jennifer Robbins and Chris Ferdinandi stop by to talk about a great conference that’s returning in the fall, ARTIFACT Conference. We look back at the state of the web 5 years ago and preview some of the talks and ideas that will be happening at this year’s ARTIFACT Conference. Be sure to listen for a special ShopTalk Show listener deal on tickets!

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  7. The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast | #11 - Chris Ferdinandi - Building an Audience by Being Consistent | Episode 11

    Chris goes into detail on how he teaches people to be better JavaScript developers by focusing on vanilla JS and core concepts. He talks about his approach to building an audience and how showing up consistently has played a key role in his success. Chris covers his strategies for writing every day, building up an email list, and launching a product.

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