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  1. 2.10.1902: August Engelhardt kauft eine Kokosplantage • SWR2 Zeitwort - Podcast Addict

    2.10.1902: August Engelhardt kauft eine Kokosplantage • SWR2 Zeitwort - via Podcast Addict | Auf der Südsee-Insel Kabakon gründet Engelhardt den „Sonnenor


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  2. GAG141: Die kurze Geschichte des Kokovorismus - Geschichten aus der Geschichte

    Wir springen in dieser Episode an den Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts. Schauplatz ist die sehr kleine Insel Kabakon im südpazifischen Bismarck-Archipel. Protagonist der Geschichte ist August Engelhardt, einst geborener Nürnberger, nun neugeborener Lebensreformer. Im Dunstkreis eben dieser Lebensreformer entwickelt er einen neuen Kult, der sich gänzlich um nur eine Sache dreht: die Kokosnuss.


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  3. North Sentinel Island and the strange death of John Allen Chau – podcast | News | The Guardian

    The death of an American missionary on a remote Indian island has sparked a backlash in India. The Guardian’s Michael Safi describes how John Allen Chau was killed after trying to preach Christianity to one of the world’s last remaining indigenous societies who live in total isolation. Plus John Harris on the trouble with Airbnb


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  4. Eine Apotheke voller Hippies: Wie die Bands Sweet Smoke und Aera von Sulzheim aus Musikgeschichte schrieben | Zündfunk | Bayern 2 | Radio | BR.de

    Sie wollten nach Amsterdam und landeten in einem unterfränkischen Dorf: Die amerikanische Hippie-Band Sweet Smoke zog in den 70ern in eine leerstehende Apotheke in Sulzheim. Die Band Aera folgte. Über einen unwahrscheinlichen Ort.


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  5. Interview with Dave Stokes on JSON-Schema, and MySQL | php[architect]

    In this Episode Dave Stokes joins Eric Van Johnson and John Congdon to talk about MySQL and databases. The correct pronunciation(s) of MySQL. The impact of open-source software on their careers. Upcoming EOL support for MySQL 5.x and upgrading to MySQL 8. Working with JSON documents and the value of validating data early. When and…


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  6. Carl Sagan Predicted The Mess 2021 Would Be 25 years Ago

    Astrophysicist and author Carl Sagan managed to predict a lot of the things the challenges America faces in the year 2021 all the way back in 1995 when he was writing a book published just before his death in 1996. MSNBC’s Brian Williams shares the details.

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    About The 11th Hour with Brian Williams: Brian Williams delivers the latest updates on evolving news stories and places the major political events of the day into context for viewers. Broadcast live from New York, Williams’ show convenes a dynamic panel of guests to offer a forward-thinking look at the critical stories that are expected to drive the conversation the following morning. Williams has also anchored MSNBC’s special coverage around key political events and major breaking news stories as they occur domestically and around the world.

    MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.

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