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  1. Sing Out! Podcast | #18-50: For Moe

    December 2nd would have been Moe Asch’s 113th birthday. He was the founder of Folkways Records. His pioneering label released a wide variety of music from all over the world, and, after his death, the label was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution. On this week’s show, we’ll hear some classic recordings from the massive Folkways catalog including Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Peggy Seeger, The New Lost City Ramblers and others … including recent recordings from Kaia Kater, Anna & Elizabeth and Los Texmaniacs. Following in the footsteps of a giant … this week on The Sing Out! Radio Magazine.


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  2. Oddity Archive: Episode 6 - Conservative Folk Music

    Taking a look at the artists that once made the likes of Pete Seeger and Joan Baez fear for their careers (well, maybe that’s overstating things a bit).

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    Visit our website at http://www.theoddityarchive.com

    Social Media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oddityarchive Twitter: @oddityarchive


    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nUsAVNo0jY
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  3. Nachtclub Classics: Indie in der DDR ‘89 | NDR.de - NDR Info

    Nicht anders als im Westen, existierte im Osten eine tatsächlich auch genauso genannte "Indie-Szene" mit Bands wie Schleim-Keim, Müllstation, Kaltfront und vielen anderen.


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  4. Ayn Rand on ‘Donahue’ 1979

    An interview of the late Ayn Rand on the Phil Donahue show, in 1979.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv0zTiv-i7s
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  5. Vilém Flusser - Die Gefahren digitaler Kommunikation | Wissen | SWR2 | SWR.de

    Der Medienphilosoph Vilém Flusser gilt als einer der Propheten digitaler Kommunikation. Er klärt, wie Kommunikation in der Neuzeit funktioniert.


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  6. The Short-Fingered Vulgarian! | On the Media | WNYC Studios

    Spy magazine called Donald Trump a "short-fingered vulgarian" in the 80’s and it still really, really annoys him. Spy colleagues Kurt Andersen and Susan Morrison discuss. 


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  7. 2018 - 07 - 22 - 1900 - Butterfly Mind-Stephen Canner Interview

    An interview with writer, blogger and private press music collector Stephen Canner of Mediated Signals. Selections played from his personal collection: Opposite Reaction’s "Tragedy Protecting", Cynthia Kellem’s "Sonata" and Gene Ski’s "Six Foot Down".

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/user450532299/2018-07-22-1900-butterfly-mind-stephen-canner-interview
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  8. The Humbugs of the World by P T Barnum Free Audio Book

    The Humbugs of the World P. T. BARNUM (1810 - 1891)

    List of Chapters: Publisher’s Note and Introduction 00:06:24 Chapter 1 00:21:14 Chapter 2 00:42:31 Chapter 3 00:58:27 Chapter 4 01:16:15 Chapter 5 01:25:42 Chapter 6 01:33:16 Chapter 7 01:45:54 Chapter 8 01:57:54 Chapter 9 02:15:21 Chapter 10 02:25:35 Chapter 11 02:37:22 Chapter 12 02:47:35 Chapter 13 03:01:16 Chapter 14 03:23:19 Chapter 15 03:43:47 Chapter 16 03:58:28 Chapter 17 04:22:38 Chapter 18 04:35:01 Chapter 19 04:46:42 Chapter 20 05:01:21 Chapter 21 05:12:03 Chapter 22 05:24:27 Chapter 23 05:34:50 Chapter 24 05:53:27 Chapter 25 06:09:50 Chapter 26 06:25:36 Chapter 27 06:47:25 Chapter 28 06:56:11 Chapter 29 07:06:26 Chapter 30 07:19:02 Chapter 31 07:32:07 Chapter 32 08:00:02 Chapter 33 08:21:25 Chapter 34 08:39:15 Chapter 35 08:55:31 Chapter 36 09:11:13 Chapter 37 09:22:38 Chapter 38 09:36:06 Chapter 39 09:50:57 Chapter 40 10:04:10 Chapter 41 10:37:04 Chapter 42 10:49:14 Chapter 43 11:05:06 Chapter 44 11:22:22 Chapter 45 11:34:50 Chapter 46 11:48:04 Chapter 47 12:03:51 Chapter 48 12:19:23 Chapter 49 12:31:55 Chapter 50 12:47:52

    P. T. Barnum exposes some of the chief humbugs of the world with his usual entertaining style. He looks at medicine and quacks, ghosts, witchcraft, religious humbugs, money manias, adventurers, personal reminis…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiXlB05762w
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  9. Podcast: Eiszeitkunst: Wie moderne Menschen vor 40.000 Jahren gelebt haben | hr-iNFO | Wissen

    Musik und bildende Kunst waren ihnen wichtig, sie machten sich Gedanken über ihren Glauben und engagierten sich für die Gemeinschaft. Es waren moderne Menschen, die vor rund 40.000 Jahren auf der Schwäbischen Alb lebten - und uns Kunstwerke und Musikinstrumente von atemberaubender Schönheit hinterlassen haben. Regina Oehler spricht darüber mit Prof. Dr. Nicholas Conard aus Tübingen.


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  10. Does It Matter Whether We Own Music?

    For the last 500 years, the music business has built its economic model on convincing people to own their favorite songs. We are now shifting rapidly from owning to streaming. In this video, music historian Ted Gioia looks at the reasons for this change, and explores its likely impact on the music ecosystem.

    This is the latest installment in a series of unscripted videos in which Ted Gioia addresses key matters related to music and society. "In these videos," Gioia explains, "I am aiming to provide an informal and conversational entry point into the ‘big picture’ issues in our current-day music culture."

    For more information on Ted Gioia, visit his website at http://www.tedgioia.com or follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/tedgioia. His next book, Music: A Subversive History, will be published by Basic Books in 2019.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmm1yq5Q4FE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1OGa1XXucGBkz9N8mbZ5yFSYeh9V0VTqn8dcl4egDAlIMDcTehxb0NUII
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