Steve Diggle: From Artradis to Vulpes

Subscribe to this channel: Steve Diggle is the co-founder of Artradis Fund Management, a hedge fund group significantly focused on arbitrage and volatility trading in Asia. The group ultimately enjoyed great success and grew its AUM to nearly $5bn in 2008. Artradis had seven years of profits which peaked in 2007 - 2008 where the firm made $2.7 billion profits for investors as markets see-sawed. As long volatility shop, Atradis later incurred losses while volatility declined and became more expensive.

The financial success of Artradis has allowed Steve Diggle to create Vulpes Investment Management, an unconstrained investment manager. In April 2011 Vulpes was seeded with over US$200m and currently has five funds open to third-party investors. The team consists of 19 professionals of which 10 transitioned from Artradis Fund Management. Diggle says he created Vulpes "to face and profit from the myriad challenges of the post- 2008 financial crisis" and focus on wealth protection "by concentrating on a small number of compelling investment opportunities."

In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE video, Steve Diggle talks about: * Vulpes’ investment propositions: Volatility, Farmland, German Property, Russia, Life Sciences, long-term endowment-style fund blending listed and …

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