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  1. Stocks and Cocks at Fashion Week - Zer0esTV: Video channel for short sellers

    For starters, let's all give Krista a big round of applause for finally nailing an intro. No, seriously, because that's about the only thing she stays on track with, in this week's ZFG. In what began as a discussion about fashion, or lack thereof, the focus quickly shifts to Freddy's foot fetish, which knows no bounds. And, as bizarre as that sounds, it pales in comparison to Bryan Johnson's quest to relive his awkward teen years.

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  2. No case for $100 oil; equities have peaked; and LNG & EVs in Asia

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    In this episode of The Week Ahead, we're joined by Dr. Anas Alhajji, Michael Belkin, and Tracy Shuchart. Dr. Anas starts by tackling the intriguing question of oil prices. Despite ongoing supply constraints, including OPEC's cuts, Dr. Anas argues that there's currently no compelling case for $100/b oil. He'll walk us through his reasoning.

    Next, we turn to Michael Belkin who shares his perspective on the equity market. Michael believes that we've reached the peak of the current cycle, and recent market turbulence seems to support his view. He also provides insights into energy trends and discusses his thoughts on sector rotation, particularly as it pertains to defensive sectors.

    Finally, Tracy Shuchart takes the stage to explore LNG and electric vehicles in Asia. Her analysis highlights Asia's growing dependence on LNG as the largest energy-importing region, with projections indicating a potential doubling by 2050. Tracy also gets into how gas may outperform green technologies like wind, solar, and batteries, she…

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  3. All-In Summit: Tobi Lutke on consumer spending, teams, Amazon, AI, and more

    This talk was recorded live at the All-In Summit 2023 at Royce Hall on UCLA's campus in Los Angeles.

    (0:00) Besties welcome Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke! (2:00) Consumer Spending (6:00) Teams vs family (10:36) Deliverr (12:42) Amazon (19:00) Shop Pay (22:30) Shipping features and AI (27:22) “Tobi’s Shopify”

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  4. 10 Steps to Make Your First Million | Signal or Noise Ep 9 | Charlie Bilello | Peter Mallouk

    Helping Investors Separate the Signal from the Noise. Topics… 00:00 Intro 00:55 Step 1: Save Early 03:11 Step 2: Make it Automatic 5:39 Step 3: Take Advantage of the 401k Match 7:09 Step 4: Use Raises to Increase your 401k Contribution 7:49 Step 5: Consider Investing in a Roth IRA 10:51 Step 6: Pay Down Highest Interest Rate Debt First 13:27 Step 7: Invest Found Money (Tax Refunds/Gifts/Bonuses) 15:17 Step 8: Buy a Reasonable House and Stay 17:48 Step 9: Invest in Stocks over Bonds and Cash 20:03 Step 10: Try to Live a Healthy Lifestyle 21:35 The Psychology of Social Security 27:38 Summer Reading: Charlie's Book Recommendation 29:38 Summer Reading: Peter's Book Recommendation 30:29 Equity Risk Premium (Signal or Noise?)

    Give Your Wealth a Second Look:

    For more insights, follow us on Twitter: Charlie Bilello: Peter Mallouk:

    Book Recommendations: -The Wager (Charlie): -Essentialism (Peter):

    Disclaimer: Nothing on this channel should be considered personalized financial advice…

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  5. Fire Porn and Hobby Horsing - Zer0esTV: Video channel for short sellers

    After holding down the fort for the summer, Krista welcomes Freddy and Carson back from vacation. Freddy kicks things off with his Business Idea of The Week, which unfortunately appears to be a mainstay for Season Two of Zero Fucks Given. Krista, still in a vacation mindset – just kidding, she wasn’t allowed to leave the office – has been all too eager to tell her friends about Hobby Horsing, the newest Olympic sporting event.

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