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  1. Malcolm Gladwell - The Ecology of Success

    Now, Malcolm Gladwell is taking on success itself, in a new book called “Outliers.” He’s looking at how society and culture determine who we are, and in particular, what accounts for super-success — for the outsized success of superstars.

    It’s not what you may think, he says. Not genes or bootstrap grit. There’s a whole ecology to it, he says. Time Magazine calls his new book “a frontal assault on the great American myth of the self-made man.”

    This hour, On Point: Malcolm Gladwell, on the ecology of success.

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  2. Chris Anderson: DIY Drones - Making Minimum UAVs

    Individuals around the world are building relatively inexpensive aircraft (fixed wing and helicopters) that can fly autonomously. These UAV's take pictures or videos and transmit them to the ground, follow navigational waypoints for aerial mapping and scientific surveys, and more. In this Where 2.0 session, Anderson shares a personal story of how he and his son started with model planes and added cell phones and robotic kids toys to build amazing UAV's for less than $1,000.

    By automatically taking GPS-tagged pictures, UAVs can populate Google Maps and other GIS services with ultra high resolution (3 cm or better) with timely aerial photography. Anderson demonstrates real excitement for the yet undiscovered applications of these new toys, now cheap enough for enthusiasts around the world to build and share with the help of the DIY Drones community.

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  3. Craig Newmark Interview: A Brief History of Craigslist

    "This is an interview I conducted in July of 2008. Although the content is nearly five months old, there are some interesting snippets from this interview: Craig's brief history of how Craigslist was started, the description of his day to day experience, and his blunt confession of a lack of managerial skills."


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  4. Radiolab: Wordless music

    On this week’s podcast, we share an excerpt from Wordless Music on WNYC, a 4-part music program hosted by Jad, exploring the boundaries between classical and pop music. The series pairs rock and electronic musicians with more traditional chamber and new music performers, to create an entirely new concert experience. On this week’s selection, Jad waxes googly-eyed fan when he gets to talk about one of his favorite bands, Stars of the Lid.

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  5. Radiolab: Morality

    In this hour on Morality, we’ll explore where our sense of right and wrong come from. We peer inside the brains of people contemplating moral dilemmas, watch chimps at a primate research center share blackberries, observe a playgroup of 3 year-olds fighting over toys, and tour the country’s first penitentiary, Eastern State Prison. Also: the story of land grabbing, indentured servitude and slum lording in the fourth grade.

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