TCLP 2011-01-12 Interview: Gabriella Coleman

The feature this week is an interview I conducted with Gabriella Coleman. I was introduced to her work through her writings at The Atlantic. She mentions Malcom Gladwell’s criticism of online activism and Indy Media. The main reason I invited her on was her critique of Bruce Sterling’s The Blast Shack. We delve a bit further into the question of WikiLeaks lasting impacts. I mention a couple of times Clay Shirky’s long haul view. Gabriella recommends Adrian Johns’ book on piracy (which I ordered with a gift card I received recently, can’t wait to read it). She also mentions a revisit of the topic of WikiLeaks at The Economist. You can also find Gabriella on Twitter where she is quite active and sharing some great links related to topics we discuss in this interview and of course her broader work.


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