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  1. bottlerocketscience: Startup Geometry Podcast EP 011: Warren Ellis

    Warren Ellis is a master storyteller with over twenty years experience producing amazing stories as serials, singles, graphic novels, books and films. He is also a very funny man, in all the best senses of the word.

    From his website: Warren Ellis is the award-winning writer of graphic novels like TRANSMETROPOLITAN, FELL, MINISTRY OF SPACE and PLANETARY, and the author of the NYT-bestselling GUN MACHINE and the “underground classic” novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN. The movie RED is based on his graphic novel of the same name. Today, we talk politics, life in the Thames Delta, managing the creative pipeline, quiet technology, glamorless utilities and cunning folk. His new and forthcoming work includes TREES and the new James Bond graphic novels.

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  2. Podcast: Ian Tregillis explains the Milkweed novels - Boing Boing

    Rick Kleffel interviewed Ian Tregillis, author of the amazing alternate history Milkweed books, about Nazi X-Men fighting a secret war against British warlocks. Tregillis describes the process by which he came up with the premise, and especially — and most interestingly — how he came up with his brilliant treatment for Gretl, a precognitive villain who is pretty much evil personified.

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  3. Warren Ellis on The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs

    Legendary comics author and novelist Warren Ellis joins me on The DisinfoCast for a conversation about the future that was, artificial intelligence, the Singularity, aliens (ancient and otherwise), the legacy of Hunter S. Thompson, porn and even a little bit about comic books. Tune in.


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  4. StarShipSofa No 220 Cory Doctorow Part 1

    Main Fiction: The Martian Chronicles Pt 1 by Cory Doctorow 01:50

    Promo: Sherlock and Science Fiction by Amy H Sturgis 50:50

    Vintage Serial: Exit Center Stage Pt 1 57:55

    Fact: Movie Soundtracks by David Raiklen 01:16:20

    Life On Mars

    Tales To Terrify

    Narrator: Jeff Lane, Peter Seaton Clark

    Hugo Awards

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  5. Boy Howdy Episode Six – Snow White

    This week on Boy Howdy, the following issues are up for discussion: accidentally buying porn comics, recent DVD & Blu-Ray releases, Bill enjoying Maaario, Anne trotting out her nerd voice to discuss Skyrim, Muppet miscegenation, bea-utiful Tom Hardy and his terrible tattoos, and the internet’s perfect ending to the Simpsons. We also alienate all of our listeners by being unfamiliar with your favorite cartoons.

    We start our journey through the Disney Archives with a trip to 1937′s Snow White. Spoiler alert: It’s almost unwatchable. The conversation immediately devolves into cartoon characters with whom our special guest wants to touch body parts.

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  6. BBC - Podcasts - Click On - 17th November: The Joy of Tech

    Exploring the latest developments in from the world of information technology, and how these affect our lives. Click On brings you stories of digital developments, internet innovations, and technological triumphs and trials. Mondays at 4.30pm on Radio 4. Find out more at

    Simon Cox and Rupert Goodwins explore the world of hackspaces, fab labs and homebrew hi-tech.

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