Why Bitcoin: Michael Saylor Interview - #Bitcoin #LostCoins $MSTR #Future #Math Education + more

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An interview with Michael Saylor where we dig deep into Why Bitcoin, Microstrategy and Bitcoin, The Lost Bitcoin and Max Supply, the geopolitical landscape, mining, the biggest risks for bitcoin, debasement, gold, education, legacy, giving back and so much more.

Chapters 0:00 Intro 0:25 Introducing Michael Saylor - background and more. James talks about how the history of IA began with Microstrategy and Michael Saylor. 1:45 Introducing Saylor to Saylor the Humpback Whale we sponsored and named Saylor. 2:55 Regarding your book The Mobile Wave you nailed the future of technology ten years ago. Do you believe you nailed the next 10 years w BTC? 6:00 Mobile worlds and digital money worlds collide 6:15 At what moment did the penny drop re BTC and FIAT debasement? Impact of inflation on your corporate treasuries 11:30 Bitcoin value exceeds Microstrategy Market Cap 12:00 What do you see as the single biggest concern re BTC if any? What keeps you awake at night? Has bitcoin crossed the event horizon? Will it be successful? 13:50 Advantage of a progressive set of regulators - Gary Gensler, Janet Yellen, and Co. 15:00 Miners and China - a boon to the USA - Trillion Dollar Geopolitical mistake 17:30 How do you se…

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