Bitcoin All Time High! Multiple ETFs approved: Market news & Analysis w/Team Delta-Fi

NEW TRADING PIT DISCORD (FREE): ——————————————————————- Cryptocurrency trading for beginners and OG’s alike. We dive into technical analysis and fundamental analysis, covering the latest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news and trends. Discussing all the hot topics like DeFi, Uniswap, Yield Farming, NFT’s etc. Stick around for our chart request session and we will chart your favourite cryptocurrencies! ——————————————————————- Live Programming Schedule: Wednesday @ 4pm EST - Delta-Fi with @randomtask555, @CryptoMessiah, Rob Levy & Gunny Friday @ 3pm EST - Hxro Labs LIVE with @randomtask555 ——————————————————————- Connect with the Hxro Labs Trading Desk Twitter: Twitter Chart Bot: Tradingview: Discord:

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