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  1. Dragon Friends: Adventure into the Upside Down #1

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  2. D&D Beyond: The Descent Session 1

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  3. The McElroys Create the Next Big RPG

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  4. Ross and Carrie and the Aura Appointment: Brooklyn Live Show Edition

    Oh No, Ross and Carrie!

    Live from Brooklyn, New York, Ross and Carrie tell a packed, enthusiastic crowd about their stop at a local holistic center to have their auras read. Carrie has a pretty healthy aura — plugged into her intuition as she is — but Ross, hoo boy. He needs some work, let me tell you. And both Carrie and Ross have one chakra that’s nearly dead. Plus, the sweet and funny Dan and Stuart from MaxFun’s own The Flop House join in to review Carrie’s very favorite Christian movie, "The Appointment." You don’t want to miss your appointment with this episode (or you will be sent straight to Hell).

    New live tour dates have been added! Check out!

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  5. The Stalman Podcast Episode 41: Ceiling of Effort, with Marco Arment & Casey Liss

    Marco and Casey are successful podcasters but have an itch to create videos.

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  6. Dragon Friends - PAX Aus 2018

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  7. The Menu Bar #26: We Should Always Be Afraid, With Marco Arment — The Menu Bar

    We are joined by Marco Arment for a candid discussion about the state of podcasting in 2018, why podcasts should — and probably will — remain decentralized, why we should always be afraid, the problems with AR and VR, and we wrap with some advice for people who want to podcast.


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  8. The Grotto #37: John Roderick On How to Make Agents Want You

    John Roderick

    The Long Winters frontman John Roderick joins us on the GrottoPod this week and talks about how making a splash — anywhere — can lead to a book deal. Roderick, who formed the long-running Seattle band with fellow ex-Harvey Danger member Sean Nelson, also hosts two podcasts (Roderick on the Line, with writer and 43 Folders founder Merlin Mann, and Road Work, with 5by5 founder Dan Benjamin), has hosted live cabaret and YouTube travel videos, and ran for Seattle City Council (he came in third). All of this — plus massive followings on Twitter and Instagram — have led multiple agents to beg Roderick to write a book. He tells us what he might write, and our hosts offer a GrottoPod first: 35 seconds of mid-podcast rock and roll.

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  9. This American Life #626: White Haze

    Right-wing groups like the Proud Boys say they have no tolerance for racism or white supremacist groups. Their leader Gavin McInnes disavowed the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

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  10. Relay FM Q&A 2017

    Relay FM co-founders Myke and Stephen answer questions from listeners as part of their third-anniversary celebrations.


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