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I am an entrepreneur, theatre producer, podcast network owner and web developer. I started podcasting because I like to talk and share stories. I’m involved with Coworking and community building. I used to play drums for Marc with a C. I like to develop in PHP and MySQL, especially Drupal. I host podcasts like Our Yellow House, Blogging Fringe, Bringing Art and Technology Together, and the DrupalEasy Podcast.

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  1. DrupalCon New Orleans 2016: Prenote - Drupal 8, Come Join the Party!

    The Prenote! Don’t miss it! 8 a.m. Tuesday! Get a good seat for Dries’s keynote! A DrupalCon institution, Robert and jam’s opening "Prenote" has been getting…

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  2. The Incomparable | You’ve Ruined Pizza (Episode 254)

    Pixar’s latest film, “Inside Out,” tells the unlikely story of the conflict of emotions inside the head of a young girl. Join us as we draw a circle around our own parental sadness and instead focus on the joy of an instant Pixar classic.

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  3. DrupalCon Barcelona 2015: Driesnote

    Belgium born Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert is a pioneer in the open source web publishing and collaboration platform space. Dries is passionate about technology innovation, social media and photography.

    Dries maintains the role as the project lead for Drupal, as well as the president of the Drupal Association. He is the co-founder and CTO of Acquia, the digital experience company. In 2013, Dries was elected a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum.

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  4. Holly Ross on the Drupal Association | Lullabot

    This episode is released under the Creative Commons attribution share alike 4.0 International license. The theme music used in this episode comes from the Open Goldberg Variations. The musical interludes all come from "See You Later" by Pitx featuring Fireproof Babies and Bmccosar (, "I dunno" by grapes (, “ Prism in the Ether" by Fireproof_Babies ( under CC BY-NC license.

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  5. DTNS 2511 – Slow Moving Fiber | Daily Tech News Show

    Patrick Beja and Iyaz Akhtar chew on some WWDC leftovers, some Xbox News and of course, IPV6 Day in Finland! Note: Tom Merritt is on assignment.  The audio on this MP3 is imperfect. But tomorrow is another day!  – jj


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    Show Notes

    Today’s guests: Patrick Beja and Iyaz Akhtar


    Major Nelson has revealed that Microsoft has released a new Xbox One console. This new variant includes a 1TB hard drive, new matte finish, a newly designed Xbox One Wireless Controller and in select regions HALO The Master Chief Collection. The new controller will feature a 3.5 mm stereo jack so you can plug a headset directly into the controller with settings for volume, voice and game balance, and mic level in the console’s settings menu. The updated xbox one will ship June 16th in the US and select markets for $400. You can also buy the controller separately for $60 or in a Special Edition Covert Forces silver and black color scheme for $65. The price of the current 500GB Xbox One will now drop to $350.

    Re/code clarified that Apple Music will support offline listening for albums, songs, and video. WHAT ABOUT PODCASTS, asked everyone in this audience?!?! Technology writer Jordan Merrick rounded up more details that weren’t in the WWDC presentation, including the fact that OS X El Capitan will support third-party photo editing tools in the Photos app, and Maps for OS X will gain support for transit directions. He has lots more interesting nuggets on his site, which will be in the shownotes And sunbun submitted this Verge article, about Apple’s FIRST Android app, called Move to iOS, that helps transfer essentials like contacts, messages, calendars, mail accounts, and media from an Android device to any iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 wirelessly.

    Business Insider has a write up of a report from The Information which says Facebook had a previously unknown plan to build a satellite which would have provided cheap internet access in the developing world. As it turns out, it’s not so cheap to build and launch a satellite. The venture would have cost around $500 million, and so it was cancelled, all before we ever knew about it. Facebook may still continue with its plan to deliver cheap internet via leased satellites.

    Twitter has tweaked how they’re shown on the Tweet page to make conversations easier to follow. Tweets that are part of a conversation are connected by a line. To see more of the replies to a specific Tweet within a conversation you can click “View other replies”. The feature will roll out to all users on today and roll out to mobile apps in the future.

    The Los Angeles Times reports that the US FBI wants Congress to expand their authority to tap into secure messaging apps. According to the FBI, Islamic militants and their followers are using instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Kik, as well as data-destroying apps such as Wickr and Surespot. The FBI estimates that 200,000 people around the world see “terrorist messaging” each day from Islamic State zealots and that the group’s recruiters then troll Twitter, Facebook and other sites to see who is re-posting their messages and invite them to text directly on encrypted or data-destroying apps.

    The Verge reports that starting today, Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service is available on select Samsung Smart TV’s in the US and Canada. Although you won’t need a playstation console to play you will need a Dualshock 4 controller. The service will support standard features like trophies, online multiplayer, and cloud-based game saves. PlayStation Now started as an online streaming game rental service but Sony has since offered a monthly $20 subscription fee option.

    A recent Ericsson Mobility Report shows mobile subscriptions in Q1 2015 was at 910 million for all of Africa including 21 million new subscribers according to BizTech Africa. The report also indicates smartphone subscriptions will be more than double reaching 6.1 billion and that in Sub-Saharan Africa GSM/EDGE only subscriptions will still be predominant until 2020.

    Tech Crunch reports that messaging App Jott has become super popular in US middle schools. Jott allows users to send private messages on a closed network without a data plan or wifi connection. The app uses a mesh network that operates via low energy Bluetooth or a router within 100 feet of each user. Jott began testing in select middle schools in March and it like, blew UP.

    News From You:

    KAPT_Kipper sent us this story from GeekWire covering Amazon’s push to become an SSL Certificate provider by applying to be a root certificate authority. By becoming a root CA, Amazon can sell SSL certificates that are automatically trusted by common web browsers and operating systems. It is unclear how big the revenue opportunity for Amazon is for digital certificates and how aggressively they will market them, but GeekWire thinks providing encryption certificates seems to be a natural add-on service for Amazon Web Services.

    spsheridan sent us this Reuters story reporting that top US tech companies sent a “strongly worded letter” to President Obama yesterday, saying “We are opposed to any policy actions or measures that would undermine encryption as an available and effective tool.” The letter was sent through two industry associations — The Information Technology Industry Council and the Software and Information Industry Association. They represent tech giants including Apple, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft. The letter was also sent to other government officials, including FBI Director James COMEY, who was like, “C’mon, people. I JUST TOLD YOU we have a problem with WhatsApp!”

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    Pick of the Day:

    LWATCDR aka David the Programer in Florida sends in this suggestion:

    If I might add a suggestion for pick of the day for very low spin or even spin free news. Yes Voice of America is still around. A lot of people will dismiss this as propaganda but VOA actually worked on the principle that if they told the truth then people would believe them and that the truth was almost always better for the US than the oppressive nations. Of course you do not need to take my word for it just try it out and see what you think.”


    Rich from Lovely Cleveland writes:

    Thinking about the Apple Music service as announced and I started considering that Apple may not need this to initially be massively popular to be successful.

    This may be a move to deny, or simply slow, the scaling of other streaming services to profitability. Everyone considers Spotify to be the giant in the space, but to this point they are not a profitable service, they need to continue their impressive growth to scale to a point where they can be.

    Apple could win, or at least create a foothold in the space, simply by disrupting Spotify’s growth. At this point, their biggest advantage is being convenient and already built into the device millions of people are using (and when subscribing on mobile that have a big price advantage).

    Simply by being a frictionless service for people to access, they could disrupt Spotify’s business. Admittedly I’m sure Apple would love to be the biggest player in the room, but they’ve set this up to be a war of attrition, which I have a hard time seeing them losing.


    Wednesday’s guest:  Scott Johnson & Brian Ibbott

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  6. Listen to Isaac Asimov read his favorite short story “The Last Question” - Boing Boing

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  7. This music sounds like its from outer space, but it was recorded in Kinshasa | Public Radio International

    Music from the Congolese band Mbongwana Star sounds like the band was abducted from Congo by aliens and spirited off to Mars to make their music.


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  8. DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015: Building a Sustainable Recruiting Strategy for Drupal and Beyond

    A reliable and predictable hiring process comprised of smarter proactive recruiting is the only way a hiring team can pivot with Drupal and our ever-changing industry. That process has to be more than just strong in its inception, it has to be sustainable as well. How do you do this effectively with little staff or funding? You setup a framework and you decentralize it.

    In this session I’ll share the recruiting strategies that Palantir has used to bring on a motivated, diverse, and highly experienced team. The framework and strategies that we use are not limited to professional services firms. They will work within any institution big or small.

    Drupal 8 makes it easier to hire talent with strong front end development or software engineering skills who may have not worked directly with Drupal before. As the needs of our our ecosystem evolve, we have a unique opportunity to broaden the existing Drupal talent pool, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to our work and enabling us all to be more successful.

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  9. DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: Keynote: Cory Doctorow

    Cory Doctorow ( is a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger — the co-editor of Boing Boing (, and a contribut.

    Cory Doctorow är en kanadensiskfödd författare av science fiction-böcker, och en förgrundsfigur inom frågor som rör integritet online och öppen källkod, samt.

    Keynote of Cory Doctorow, science fiction author and journalist, held at the World Consumer Rights Day 2014 in Berlin. There’s only two sides to the fight ov.

    GLAM and the Free World, Cory Doctorow’s keynote speech at Museums and the Web Florence 2014 åand-the-free-w.

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  10. DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015: Prenote: Snow Beauty and the 101 Mermaids of Notre DOM

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