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  1. Interviewing | Tales From The Script

    On this episode, Kyle Shevlin and I talk about interviewing for web and software jobs and the trials and tribulations that come along with them.

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  2. All About Mentoring | Tales From The Script

    In this episode, Nicki Rios and I discuss all of the great things about mentoring other developers in the industry and share outlets for finding others to mentor.

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  3. Coding Bootcamps: The Less Scary Alternative | Tales From The Script

    On this episode, Frances Coronel and I discuss the topic of coding bootcamps. We also touch on traditional academia and the pros and cons that come along with both bootcamps and traditional schooling.

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  4. Demystifying A/B Testing | Tales From The Script

    On this episode, Ryan Burgess and I discuss the true meaning behind a/b testing and what that means to the user.

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  5. How a new technology is changing the lives of people who cannot speak – podcast | News | The Guardian

    Millions are robbed of the power of speech by illness, injury or lifelong conditions. Can the creation of bespoke digital voices transform their ability to communicate?

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  6. A11y Rules Podcast Episode 21 - Interview with Jeffrey Zeldman - Part 1 | Nicolas Steenhout on Patreon

    Official Post from Nicolas Steenhout: This week, I had the luck and great pleasure to talk with Jeffrey Zeldman, who probably needs no introduction but who refers to himself as a "web designer who’s been interested in inclusive design for a very long time.

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  7. Computer Vision, with Léonie Watson

    In this episode we’re talking about computer vision, or “computers with eyes”. No Rosie, but we’re ably compensated by talking to rehab’s own Camille Bourdier and Zuzanna Rosinska. Plus special guest Léonie Watson of the Paciello Group joins us to talk about how computer vision aids accessibility and brings new opportunities to users with vision impairment.

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  8. Presentable #30: Accessibility is Social Justice - Relay FM

    Special guest Laura Kalbag joins the show to talk about her new book, Accessibility for Everyone.

    This week on the show, we talk to Laura Kalbag about her new book, Accessibility for Everyone. We discuss how digital products have an increasing mandate to be broadly usable by everyone in society, and what we can do to achieve better accessibility in our designs.

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  9. Web Accessibility in 2017 | Lullabot

    Matt and Mike talk with several Lullabot accessibility experts as well as Drupal 8 accessibility co-maintainer Mike Gifford about accessibility topics, tools, and more.

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  10. Spotlight: Nicole Dominguez — Responsive Web Design

    Independent product designer, front-end developer, digital nomad—Nicole Dominguez helps create more accessible technology and more inclusive teams.

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