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I am an entrepreneur, theatre producer, podcast network owner and web developer. I started podcasting because I like to talk and share stories. I’m involved with Coworking and community building. I used to play drums for Marc with a C. I like to develop in PHP and MySQL, especially Drupal. I host podcasts like Our Yellow House, Blogging Fringe, Bringing Art and Technology Together, and the DrupalEasy Podcast.

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  1. Wireframe Episode 6: Inclusivity Is a Recipe for Good Design +


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  2. Black Panther — Julian Chambliss

    Julian Chambliss

    Exploring real and imagined urban spaces

    I’m educator, writer, and research exploring race, community and power in the United States. My research and teaching focus on urban development and popular culture in the United States. My essays and commentary has been published in scholarly venues as well as popular outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Orlando Sentinel and Frieze Magazine.

    , Orlando, USA

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  3. FLOSS Weekly 448 Hiawatha Webserver

    Hiawatha is an open source webserver with a focus on security. Because of Hugo’s great interest in IT security, he paid extra attention to security while working on Hiawatha. Besid…

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  4. FLOSS Weekly 449 Aquameta

    Aquameta is a ‘datafied’ web development stack built entirely in PostgreSQL.Today, developers work with a programming stack composed of diverse languages and syntaxes. Within Aquam…

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  5. Behind the Screens with Mike Anello | Lullabot

    Mike Anello tells us what he’s learned after 8 years of the DrupalEasy podcast, the value of community training, and how he relaxes away from the screen.

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  6. Episode #196 – Aloha The Flop House

    EDIT: Yes, Nathan Rabin coined “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” in the first part of his series “My Year of Flops,” which was Elizebethtown.

    “[Kirsten] Dunst embodies a character type I like to call The Manic Pixie Dream Girl (see Natalie Portman in Garden State for another prime example). The Manic Pixie Dream Girl exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is an all-or-nothing-proposition. Audiences either want to marry her instantly (despite The Manic Pixie Dream Girl being, you know, a fictional character) or they want to commit grievous bodily harm against them and their immediate family”

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  7. Security Now 628 Equifax Fiasco

    This week we discuss last Friday’s passing of our dear friend and colleague Jerry Pournelle, when AI is turned to evil purpose, whether and when Google’s Chrome browser will warn o…

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  8. Ep 07: Graham & Malena Annable | Script Lock

    LucasArts is in the house with our guests Graham and Malena! We cover RTX: Red Rock, wearing many hats as a producer and creative director, Telltale’s first year, course correcting your game, localization vs translating,

    how writers can make producers’ lives easier, similarities between miniature set design and game development, and the unnerving speed of technological change in games.

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  9. Friday lunchtime lecture: When governments open up, who manages their data? | Lunchtime Lectures | Open Data Institute

    Friday lunchtime lecture: When governments open up, who manages their data?

    Friday 19 September 2014,

    1:00pm -


    The Open Data Institute, 65 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4JE

    You bring your lunch, we provide tea & coffee, an interesting talk, and enough time to get back to your desk.

    Governments hold a lot of data. A huge amount of data. And many are beginning to open it up for citizens and businesses to monitor and improve all sorts of things – from education and public services to crime rates and traffic. But all this data has to be stored, managed and presented in ways people can understand.

    CKAN is a data management platform used by governments and organisations around the world to handle these important functions. Irina Bolychevsky gave a live demonstration of its data management workflows, visualisation and discovery features that help make data easy to upload, access and re-use.

    Irina Bolychevsky is the Commercial Director of Open Knowledge and the former CKAN Product Owner

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  10. DrupalEasy Podcast 83: Climbing the Drupal Ladder | DrupalEasy

    Bryan Hirsch (bryanhirsch on and Kay VanValkenburgh (kay_v on join Andrew Riley and Mike Anello on this week’s episode of the DrupalEasy podcast to talk about the Drupal Ladder, a community project they started to help train future Drupal core contributors.

    Five Stories

    The Boston Initiative,, related videos.

    Drupal Association Community Cultivation Grants available

    David Rothstien added a Drupal 7 maintainer

    Improved session selection process for DrupalCon Munich

    The second rate citizens of DrupalCon

    Picks of the Week

    Mike - Bundle Copy by Kristof De Jaeger (swentel on

    Andrew - Views Bulk Operations by Bojan Živanović (bojanz on and Karim Ratib (infojunkie on - screencast

    Kay - Examples module by Randy Fay (rfay on

    Bryan -


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    Listener Homework

    Complete the first 3 rungs of the Drupal Ladder by the next podcast.

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    If you’d like to leave us a voicemail, call 321-441-3964. Please keep in mind that we might play your voicemail during one of our future podcasts. Feel free to call in with suggestions, rants, questions, or 80s television show trivia for Andrew. If you’d rather just send us an email, please use our contact page at

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