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I am an entrepreneur, theatre producer, podcast network owner and web developer. I started podcasting because I like to talk and share stories. I'm involved with Coworking and community building. I used to play drums for Marc with a C. I like to develop in PHP and MySQL, especially Drupal. I host podcasts like Our Yellow House, Blogging Fringe, Bringing Art and Technology Together, and the DrupalEasy Podcast.

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  1. Codeanywhere with Toma Puljak and Vedran Jukic - Software Engineering Daily

    Vedran Jukic Toma Puljak Today, we spoke with Toma Puljak and Vedran Jukic of Codeanywhere. We discussed Cloud-based dev environments, Cloud-based IDEs, Infrastructure as code, Dev containers and Live collaboration. Sponsorship inquiries:

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  2. I’m Sorry Dave, But This Reference Is Getting Old – The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show

    R1: Identify the pop culture property from a description of its 2001: A Space Odyssey reference. R2: Name the 80s or 90s cartoon adaptation from its theme song.

    It's an off-season special featuring three great contestants from The Incomparable podcast network. Incomparable founder Jason Snell goes up against tech reporter Glenn Fleishman and our pal Monty Ashley across three rounds of pop culture trivia. Round one looks at famous references to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and round two goes deep in the weeds on opening themes to some real kooky animated series adaptations. A back-and-forth lightning round leads to an exciting conclusion. Join us next week as we kick off season six!

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  3. 35-Stefan Price | Maker, artist, fabricator, cool guy. — Dub Ya Mind Podcast

    This week on the podcast I have Maker, Artist, Scenic Artist, Fabricator, and Owner of Roundtable Productions Stefan Price. Stefan is awesome and I had a wonderful time talking to him. He has some great stories, great information for anyone interested in what he does. It was just a fun talk.


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  4. #33: HAX the Planet! – The Drunken UX Podcast

    Aaron might be on the road, but we have a great guest to sit in his place this week as we talk with HAX Editor developer Bryan Ollendyke. Bryan shares his experiences building a standards-based block editor that offers an alternative to systems like Gutenberg, while aiming to provide better usabilit

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