Is the Internet Rewiring our Brains?

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  1. Can Social Media End Racism?

    The tangled issues of race and privilege in our society come to a boiling point on the internet. Exploring the complicated place of race in society, this presentation examines the ideas of race in the digital environment with a specific focus on social media.

    Kety Esquivel New Media Mgr, NCLR

    Jay Smooth Ill Doctrine

    Phil Yu Angry Asian Man

    Latoya Peterson Editrix,

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  2. Audio: Cognition Roundtable - Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog

    Cognition - the blog by world-renowned web design and development agency Happy Cog, discussing design, user experience, business, content strategy and more.

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  3. Jeremy Rifkin on ‘The Internet of Things’: Forum | KQED Public Media for Northern CA

    From a washing machine that emails you when your clothes are done to smart door locks and Wi-Fi enabled dog collars that can track down a lost pet, Internet-connected objects and devices are on the rise. Author Jeremy Rifkin says that this phenomenon, known as ‘The Internet of things’ has the potential to radically transform the global economy. Rifkin joins us to discuss his latest book, ‘The Zero Marginal Cost Society.’

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  4. The post-American Internet

    For the past decade and a half, the US has been responsible for overseeing the many organisations and businesses responsible for the Internet’s governance, but the NSA/Snowden surveillance scandal strengthened calls for some form of international body to take over those responsibilities.

    Guests: * Chris Disspain: CEO of auDA and Board Director, ICANN. * Professor Viktor Mayer-Schonberger: Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, Internet Institute, Oxford University. * Bruce Schneier: Security technologist & Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School. * Ryan Heath: Spokesperson for the European Commission. * Virgilio Almeida: The Brazilian Government’s National Secretary for Internet Policies and Chair of Brazil’s Internet Steering Committee

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  5. Episode 7: Misinformation on the Internet - Untangling the Web

    How did the internet become a tangled web of misinformation? Miles speaks to danah boyd, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, founder of Data & Society, and Visiting Professor at New York University. boyd offers insight into the history of misinformation on the internet and the role social media plays in the proliferation of fake news. It’s an interview we did for our upcoming series on "junk news" for the PBS NewsHour.

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