A New Canon | Mark Boulton | New Adventures In Web Design conference | Nottingham | 20th January 2011

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  1. Art Direction & Editorial Design on the Web: Does It Work? | Greg Wood | New Adventures In Web Design conference | Nottingham | 20th January 2011

    Art direction and editorial design are two terms that have been the butt of many debates, discussions and arguments on the web recently. Folks seem to have been caught up with the granular semantics of the terms, and how they may relate to the way we present content on the internet. Greg will be attempting to answer the question that people should be asking: do the great unwashed public actually care about the way their content is presented? Does art direction & editorial design on the web actually work?

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  2. What we mean when we talk about content design | Government Digital Service

    Sarah Richards is Head of Content Design at GDS. We sat down with her recently to ask some simple questions: What is content design? What difference does it make?

    In light of the chat we had with our accessibility expert Josh Marshall a few weeks ago, how does good content design result in better communication between government and citizens?

    In this short interview, Sarah summarises what content design is all about, what its job is, and how it's used on GOV.UK.

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  3. Jonathon Colman: content strategy and content design champion

    Jonathon Colman integrates content teams into big digital programs, deftly navigating complex challenges and always championing the best content practices.

    Jonathon’s career arc mirrors the growth of content strategy and content design. He started out as a technical writer and webmaster. He was a content marketing pioneer. He worked in both SEO and UX at REI. Recently, he has practiced and managed strategy and design work at Facebook and Intercom. Wherever he’s been, Jonathon has always been at the forefront of the content profession.


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  4. Karen McGrane – Adapting Your Content for Mobile

    As more web capable devices hit the market, designers need to consider where and how their designs will be seen. Unfortunately, the same consideration isn’t always made when it comes to content. With design changing so much in a multichannel environment, content must be structured independent of how it will eventually look.

    Content touches all aspects of a design. Having presentation independent content allows for it to adapt to different screens and devices. Karen McGrane suggests that having the specifics of how the content will be structured in place first, allows for the freedom and flexibility to make the right design choices.

    Karen says that the advent of WYSIWYG editors shifted focus to the wrong things at the wrong time. Content took a backseat to the overall look of the design. Thinking about content first, over how it will appear, helps ensure you’re communicating the right message.

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  5. Content-First Design with Steph Hay – CTRL+CLICK CAST

    Content strategist and expert Steph Hay stops by the show to discuss content-first design! She dives deep into this fundamental workflow and philosophy that challenges web workers to use human-friendly questions, conversations and storytelling as the backbone for production and implementation. We discuss client and project challenges, as well as how content-first design ultimately makes us get our work done faster, while simultaneously communicating more effectively.


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  6. Core77 Broadcast: Brad Holland on Intellectual Property, interviewed by Steve Heller - Core77

    Industrial Design content and community site - articles, discussions, interviews and resources.


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  7. Afterschool Podcast with Don Lehman - Episode 15: Author Leander Kahney - Core77

    Industrial Design content and community site - articles, discussions, interviews and resources.


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  8. Designing on Solid Foundations | Tim Van Damme | New Adventures In Web Design conference | Nottingham | 20th January 2011

    What is design? Polishing squares until they're circles? Getting your website in as many CSS galleries as possible? No. There's more to it than that, and we need to think deeper about the foundations for our work. Design benefits from preparation, making things easier, and anticipating what comes next. In this presentation, Tim will explain how you can up the quality of your work and simplify your output without harming a single pixel.

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