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  1. E52 – Interview with Eric Meyer – Part 2

    Eric says that accessibility “is a foundational principle of the web. Like literally the web is built on accessibility. The original specs don’t necessarily call it that, but that’s an organizing principle of the web. And to try to ignore it or overcome it is a lot like trying to paddle upstream”.

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  2. The Web Is Agreement

    This presentation on web standards was delivered at the State Of The Browser conference in London in September 2018.


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  3. Practical Accessibility with Jason Nakai «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    An accessibility project is more than just implementing technical specifications. It’s also about the planning, team members and process. Information Architect and Usability Engineer Jason Nakai joins the show to discuss the practical aspects of accessibility projects — for websites and software. We share experiences from a


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  4. Designing a Modular System with Sarah Federman «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    What are design systems and how can we nurture them? Adobe Design Engineer Sarah Federman dives into the whys and hows of design systems for small and large teams. We discuss how to create, maintain and communicate the importance of design systems, while also highlighting the importance of developer input early on and throughout the entire process.


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  5. Offline Web Experiences with Jeremy Keith «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    Why should we plan for offline? How can service workers help? Developer and author Jeremy Keith dives into the whys and hows of building good offline web experiences.


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  6. Progressive Enhancement, Revisited, with Aaron Gustafson «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    Author, developer and web standards evangelist Aaron Gustafson returns to the show to discuss progressive enhancement and how fundamental concepts are still relevant today. We discuss development philosophies as well as dive into development specifics of progressive enhancement, how planning and responsive design fits in, as well as the business and user case for always developing with progressive enhancement in mind.


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  7. The Changelog #306: The Great GatsbyJS with Jason Lengstorf | News and podcasts for developers | Changelog

    From open source project to a $3.8 million dollar seed round to transform Gatsby.js into a full-blown startup that’s building what’s becoming the defacto modern web frontend. In this episode, we talk with Jason Lengstorf about this blazing-fast static site generator, its building blocks and how they all fit together, t…


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  8. JavaScript Air | Unit Testing JavaScript

    Episode 004 of the live JavaScript broadcast podcast. Testing in JavaScript comes with its own set of challenges. But in recent years, tools and patterns have been developed to make writing unit tests and tracking coverage much simpler than ever before. Join us as we talk with Ward Bell, Joe Eames, and Christian Johansen about unit testing JavaScript.


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  9. JavaScript Air | Transitioning from REST to GraphQL

    Episode 023 of the live JavaScript broadcast podcast. We’ve heard about GraphQL quite a bit. We know that there are problems with REST and GraphQL solves many of those problems. But now we have a new problem: Transitioning from REST to GraphQL. Let’s talk about what it takes to do that well and how services need to adapt to this new way of thinking about data access.


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  10. JavaScript Air | webpack: JavaScript bundler

    Episode 026 of the live JavaScript broadcast podcast. webpack is an amazing bundler for frontend assets. For many people it has completely changed the game for their build pipeline, entirely replacing other build tools and task runners like grunt and gulp. Join us with the webpack creator and core contributors as we talk with the webpack team about this impressive piece of tech.


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