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  1. The Changelog #352: The Pragmatic Programmers with Andy Hunt & Dave Thomas |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, best known as the authors of The Pragmatic Programmer and founders of The Pragmatic Bookshelf, joined the show today to talk about the 20th anniversary edition of The Pragmatic Programmer. This is a beloved book to software developers all over the world, so we wanted to catch up with Andy and…


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  2. The Scariest Navy SEAL Imaginable…And What He Taught Me (#107) | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

    "Discipline equals freedom." - Jocko Willink Jocko Willink (@jockowillink) is one of the scariest human beings imaginable. He is a lean 230 pounds. He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert who used to tap out 20 Navy SEALs per workout. He is a legend in the Special Operations world.



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  3. 47: Develop Your Career with Kent C Dodds | React Podcast

    Kent C Dodds is a blogger, podcaster, open sorcerer, and community builder that recently made the leap to full-time, independent educator.

    Chantastic asks about the approach Kent took while developing his career PayPal, what he had to give up to stay focused, and what’s changed now that he’s independent.

    They discuss learning by teaching, the importance of being consistent, avoiding the permission trap, and what it means to "increase the impact of your value".


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  4. SE-Radio Episode 334: David Calavera on Zero-downtime Migrations and Rollbacks with Kubernetes : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 334: David Calavera on Zero-downtime Migrations and Rollbacks with Kubernetes

    Filed in Episodes

    by SE-Radio

    on August 14, 2018


    Jeremy Jung talks with David Calavera about zero-downtime migrations and rollbacks with Kubernetes. In this episode we define migrations, rollbacks, and discuss how Netlify was able to migrate to Kubernetes and roll back off of it multiple times without impacting their users. David explains how developers can run old and new systems simultaneously, the importance of defining errors in your system, and when to apply fixes vs rolling back. We also discuss their decision to move to Kubernetes, and the benefits they received.

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    David Calavera Twitter

    Velocity Conference Talk

    Kubernetes the Hard Way

    The ETTO principle

    Circuit Breaker pattern

    Blog post: Migrating Netlify’s Continuous Deployment infra to Kubernetes

    Scientist gem

    Google Kubernetes Engine

    Guest email: david@netlify.com

    http://traffic.libsyn.com/seradio/SE-Radio-Episode-334-David-Calavera-on-Zero-Downtime-Migrations-and-Rollbacks-with-Kubernetes.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


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  5. SE-Radio Episode 348: Riccardo Terrell on Concurrency : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 348: Riccardo Terrell on Concurrency

    Filed in Episodes

    by SE-Radio

    on December 5, 2018


    Riccardo Terrell, author of Concurrency in .NET: Modern Patterns of Concurrent and Parallel Programming, discusses concurrency, an important topic in the era of multicores in any machine. SE Radio host Felienne spoke with Terrell about concurrency, parallelism, and immutability. They discussed the impact of programming languages and paradigms on concurrent programming and explored common issues that developers run into when solving concurrent problems.

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    The foundations of functional concurrency

    SE Radio episode 296

    SE Radio episode 274

    Guest Twitter: @trikace

    Guest email: tericcardo@gmail.com

    http://traffic.libsyn.com/seradio/SE-Radio-Episode-348-Riccardo-Terrell-on-Concurrency.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


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  6. SE-Radio Episode 340: Lara Hogan and Deepa Subramaniam on Revitalizing a Cross-Functional Product Organization : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 340: Lara Hogan and Deepa Subramaniam on Revitalizing a Cross-Functional Product Organization

    Filed in Episodes

    by SE-Radio

    on October 3, 2018


    Travis Kimmel talks with Lara Hogan and Deepa Subramaniam about evidence-based tactics that leaders can use to increase clarity and build healthier, high-performing organizations. Their conversation covers: diagnosing and treating problems that are slowing product, design, and engineering teams; “organization smells”; clarifying roles and responsibilities; improving documentation; facilitating better meetings; improving inter and intra-team dynamics.

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    Deepa’s Twitter

    Lara’s Twitter, and blog

    Wherewithall resources:

    Navigating Team Friction

    Demystifying Management

    Team Leader Venn Diagram

    Dealing with surprising human emotions

    Feedback equation

    On Better Meetings

    Setting expectations as a manager

    6 lessons from Lara Hogan on humanizing management

    Episode 306: Ron Lichty on Managing Programmers

    Episode 307: Harsh Sinha on Product Management

    http://traffic.libsyn.com/seradio/SE-Radio-Episode-340-Lara-Hogan-and-Deepa-Subramaniam-on-Revitalizing-a-Cross-Functional-Product-Organization.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


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  7. E52 – Interview with Eric Meyer – Part 2

    Eric says that accessibility “is a foundational principle of the web. Like literally the web is built on accessibility. The original specs don’t necessarily call it that, but that’s an organizing principle of the web. And to try to ignore it or overcome it is a lot like trying to paddle upstream”.

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  8. The Web Is Agreement

    This presentation on web standards was delivered at the State Of The Browser conference in London in September 2018.


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  9. Practical Accessibility with Jason Nakai «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    An accessibility project is more than just implementing technical specifications. It’s also about the planning, team members and process. Information Architect and Usability Engineer Jason Nakai joins the show to discuss the practical aspects of accessibility projects — for websites and software. We share experiences from a


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  10. Designing a Modular System with Sarah Federman «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    What are design systems and how can we nurture them? Adobe Design Engineer Sarah Federman dives into the whys and hows of design systems for small and large teams. We discuss how to create, maintain and communicate the importance of design systems, while also highlighting the importance of developer input early on and throughout the entire process.


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