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  1. The Difference Between a Home and a Homestead

    How to turn your home from a consumer to producer How buying regional can lead to more independence Elimination of debt as part of homesteading The best crops to begin gardening with How growing food can lead to freedom How a mortgage was NOT part of the original homesteading process Making your home provide for you vs. you having to provide for your home How solar and green energy can help you be more independent The salmonella scare and genetically altered plants are yet another reason to “grow your own” How the Internet is helping us all reconnect and inspire each other The “smaller home concept” and even how to adapt it to a large home Tossing a bit of politics in, does the media favor Obama? What do you think?

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  2. Podcast ep. 36: Travel with Kids, part 3 | The Art of Simple

    Time for another podcast on travel! I’m continuing my chat with Stephanie Langford on extended travel with kids. We’ve both traveled around the world with our families, and love seeing likeminded families getting out the front door.

    In this episode, we talk about education—worldschooling the kids and taking school on the road. We talk about what we did with our kids—what worked, what didn’t, our constant nagging concern we weren’t doing enough, and the surprising results in the end.

    Spoiler alert: Kids get a fantastic education because of travel, not in spite of it.

    If you’re just now tuning in, here’s the rest of the series:

    Ep. 34: Travel with Kids, part 1 (Why travel when they’re young?)

    Ep. 35: Travel with Kids, part 2 (Packing and planning)

    Listen in here:

    Links from this episode:

    Stephanie’s blog, EntreFamily

    Stephanie on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

    #WorldwideOx, my family’s Instagram stream from our year of travels

    Handwriting Without Tears

    Kindle Paperwhites

    Teaching Textbooks

    Math Mammoth

    MacBooks (I prefer the Air—super lightweight!)


    CD-ROM drive

    5-way headphone splitter




    Think Fun math dice



    …and here’s my initial post on worldschooling tools before we left for our trip

    Stay tuned for the final part 4 next week! And another reminder: if you’re eager to chat with us in the flesh, ask your practical questions, brainstorm future travel dreams, and generally pick our brains about extended travel with kids, you might like to hang out with us at our upcoming workshop in Portland. It’s an Academy with World Domination Summit, but you don’t need to attend WDS to join our Academy! Would love to see you there.

    Big thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Casper. They create an obsessively-engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price. Try it for 100 nights risk-free in your own home with free shipping and returns to the US and Canada, and get $50 toward any mattress purchase by heading here and using the promo code SIMPLE. 




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  3. Podcast ep. 35: Travel with Kids, part 2 | The Art of Simple

    Yep, they’re shorter because it’s a special series – one conversation broken up into 4 podcasts (instead of one reeeeeally long show).

    You’ve got lots of questions we get to as we keep chatting, along with some bigger questions that are hard to answer in a comment section. 🙂 But:

    • Choices on where to go were largely due to weather, whether we knew someone, and cost—I can’t remember if it’s in this episode or not, but we stay in cheaper countries longer for our “low and slow” breaks. Plus, where we just want to go. 😉

    • Surprisingly, language isn’t a big deal. You learn the basics—hello, how are you, thank you, goodbye, do you speak English—and if you start with those, people are generally very gracious. If they don’t speak English, charades helps. 😉 And, Google Translate is a wonderful app (you can even hold it up in camera mode and it’ll translate whatever you’re looking at, like a sign or menu. It’s not perfect, but it helps!).

    • We really did mostly use Airbnb and Homeaway to find guesthouses for our families. Steph has 5 kids, but our kids are all small, so perhaps that’s why it wasn’t as hard? I’m not sure. We just…. found them there. Many places are cool about pulling out extra floor mattresses (for example, a few of our guesthouses were listed as accommodating 4 people, but they were happy to bring out a mattress for our youngest).

    • I think what you’re doing is the best solution for a family who can’t travel long-term—lots of shorter trips! And yes, I think it’s harder to travel long-term as kids get older and more rooted, so 4-6 weeks sounds reasonable and wise.

    Hope that helps!



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  4. Podcast ep. 34: Travel with Kids, part 1 | The Art of Simple

    A few weeks ago, I recorded a podcast episode with my friend and traveling working mom buddy, Stephanie Langford. That conversation lasted so long that we decided to make it a Very Special Episode. Well, a series of episodes, actually!

    Which means the next four episodes, starting with this one, will be an extended conversation on extended travel with kids. We’ve both taken round-the-world trips with our clan when they were (are) young ages, and our family’s paths even crossed for six weeks last spring in southern Europe.

    In this series we hash out stuff like what we packed, how we decided where to go, how we handled worldschooling, and yep, the things that were miserable. We talk about how we handled our own work on the go, the things that made us stronger as families, and ultimately, why we’re both itching to do another big trip before our oldest children leave the nest.

    This first episode is an intro to the idea, where we answer the question we both get frequently: Why travel in such a big way while the kids are so little?

    Enjoy this fun special summer series!

    Listen in here:

    Links from this episode:

    Stephanie’s blog, EntreFamily

    Stephanie on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

    Ultimate Bundles

    #WorldwideOx, my family’s Instagram stream from our year of travels

    Part two is coming next week! And if you’re eager to chat with us in the flesh, ask your practical questions, brainstorm future travel dreams, and generally pick our brains about extended travel with kids, you might like to hang out with us at our upcoming workshop in Portland. It’s an Academy with World Domination Summit, but you don’t need to attend WDS to join our Academy! Would love to see you there.

    Big thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Around the World Stories. They create original audio stories about the adventures of children from other cultures, providing fun, memorable and culturally authentic stories that help develop a child’s interest in the broader world. We love ’em!



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  5. Maccast 2011.12.23 – Blu-ray and Mac Home Theater

    Well, the DVD writer in my iMac died over the holidays, so I need to order an external Blu-ray player sooner rather than later! In the meantime, I downloaded the MakeMKV software and tried it out using my Mac mini (the HTPC) that still has an operational DVD player. It looks good! Real good.

    I did several DVDs, both commerical and some DVD+R’s that I used to back up TiVoed movies. My HTPC is built around Plex instead of Apple TV; as I suspected, Plex can “see” MKV files directly. I just put the MKV file in one of the folders that Plex already “knows” about and it automatically catalogs it, downloads the metadata, and the cover art.

    I’m developing a little bit different process than what Ara described. I like DVD commentary tracks and supplemental features, so I’m just grabbing most everything in the one MakeMKV run. In contrast to Ara’s process, I’m checking what MakeMKV selected to make sure that it selected all the commentary tracks & special features. A MakeMKV run is much faster than Handbrake — probably because it is not compressing anything — so it is no big deal to just grab everything you want.

    If the DVD contains several different video files, MakeMKV automatically creates separate files. You can rename them so you can tell them apart and group all the files for a DVD into a folder. In Plex, you can display the catalog by folder; you group the files by DVD in this way.

    A nice feature of Plex is that you can choose the audio track at playback time. If you keep more than one audio track, you will get a pop-up menu with the available audio tracks. In this way, the one MKV file works as a “universal” movie file.

    You can also have MakeMKV keep the subtitles.

    I prefer the original language audio but the English subtitles. Using VLC, I verified that the requested subtitles are stored in the MKV file.

    Plex also has an option to choose a subtitle track at playback time, but it doesn’t work right. I can select the desired audio track and the desired subtitle track, but Plex munges up the subtitles. That part has to wait for a bug fix or try to figure this out.

    It looks like a textencoding problem

    The other issue with the MKV files is that they are so large that some don’t stream to the iOS devices without stuttering. They play on the HDTV great, but that is a wired connection.

    To get wireless going flawlessly for every movie, I’d need to proceed to Step 3 and transcode the MKV to mp4/H264 using Handbrake. Unfortunately, the whole theee-step process is real time consuming. The resulting .mp4 is about half the size of the MKV but it streams perfectly to iPad and iPhone. On the other hand, sometimes the MKV streams to my iPhone or iPad perfectly, so I need to figure this out better. Perhaps I only need to get a wireless extender nearer the iOS device (I’ve got an Airport Extreme in a different room).

    I suppose that using Plex is the solution to Ara’s problem of preserving the Blu-ray video and audio quality for digital media. It gives you everying and at full quality. With Plex, you can truly put the disks into deep storage.

    But it all works! I can see that it is far from being ready for the mass-market, but it has an extremely high coolness factor for mac geeks, despite what PC pundits think.


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  6. Manu Ginobili joins The Vertical Podcast

    San Antonio’s Manu Ginobili joins Adrian Wojnarowski of the Vertical Podcast with Woj for a candid and emotional conversation about his historic basketball career.

    In nearly an hour of riveting conversation, Ginobili offers a moving and detailed window into his historic career, including his four NBA championships with the Spurs and unprecedented international success with Argentina on the global stage. He discusses his choppy beginnings with the Spurs, his elevation into a star and the details the devastating 2013 NBA Finals loss to Miami – and the Spurs’ triumphant rise to a title again.

    Ginobili discusses the intimate details of the close partnership among Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich.


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