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  1. A Study on the Festival of Shavuot - TorahResource

    Festival Special! “A Study on the Festival of Shavuot” by Tim Hegg. In this study, Tim gives us a brief overview of Shavuot—it’s meaning and significance for us, the disciples of Yeshua.This discussion was recorded during Shabbat Service at Beit Hallel in Tacoma, Washington. Once again, the audio is not the best, but the content is jam packed full of good insights and information. We hope you are blessed by it.


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  2. Tongues: Some Preliminary Investigations (Part 1) - TorahResource

    In this study, Tim Hegg takes us through his paper titled, “Tongues - Some Preliminary Investigations”. He begins by looking the word for ‘tongues’ in the Greek, which is glossa. Hegg explores this word within the Apostolic Scriptures, the Septuagint, the Qumran texts, and more. He then turns to an exegetical study of the Greek word glossa in the book of Acts to better understand its meaning. In addition, Tim looks at the purpose of this spiritual gift within Acts 2 and finally, turns the focus of the study to 1 Corinthians 12-14.


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  3. A Short Study on Sanctification (Romans 6:5-11) - TorahResource.com

    Podcast (weekly-bible-study): Download7/11/2018In this teaching session, Tim Hegg emphasizes what Paul wants his readers to understand in Romans 6, which is: if they are one with the Messiah in His death and resurrection, and if the Messiah died only once, never to die again, and now lives forever unto God, then the same must be true of each one who has believed and this is demonstrated through a life of sanctification.This teaching session is taken from the commentary on “Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, Volume 1” (p. 140-149) by Tim Hegg. For more information about this product, Click Here.


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