FINAL EPISODE AND REVIEW | Session 77 | Age of Ashes | Pathfinder 2e

The Heroes of Breachill have prepared for this moment since they learned of Dahak's nefarious plans to bring forth an Age of Ashes. Will they succeed, or have they come all this way only to fail?

00:00 Intro 00:50 Recap of Final Session 03:25 Aftermath (Review Spoilers) 04:00 Book 1 Review - Hellknight Hill 06:12 Book 2 Review - Cult of Cinders 09:34 Book 3 Review - Tomorrow Must Burn 13:36 Book 4 Review - Fires of the Haunted City 15:52 Book 5 Review - Against the Scarlet Triad 18:26 Book 6 Review - Broken Promises 24:08 Closing Thoughts 29:54 Thank You for Watching 30:22 Podcast Announcements

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