Learning Pathfinder as a D&D Veteran: d4 #126 (part 1)

Are you interested in learning how to play Pathfinder 2e? Are you wanting to know all the major differences between Pathfinder and D&D? Time for a PF Deep Dive!

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Intro/Outline:(0:00) Part 1-Character Creation (Abilities):(8:01) Ancestries:(9:26) Backgrounds & Skills:(13:34) Feats:(18:15) Classes:(19:49) Multiclassing/Archetypes:(22:23) Equipment (Weapons):(23:48) Proficiency:(27:39) Armor:(29:03) Saving Throws:(30:33) Part 2-Combat (Actions):(31:13) Reactions/Opp. Attacks:(37:04) Movement:(38:22) Cover & Flanking:(40:30) Crit…

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