The Modules TMun Uses and Why

With a lot of people trying out PF2e, especially if you are coming from other systems, a common question is "What modules should I use". Our recommendation is to start light and see what they system handles, but here is an updated list of what I personally use (as well as mentions of a few that I don't that are very commonly used) and, most importantly, what needs they address.

Timestamps 01:06 Design Philosophy of the PF2e system (what types of things we try to automate and what we don't) 02:20 My personal module list 02:39 Cautious Gamemaster Pack 03:22 DF Curvy Walls 04:13 Dice So Nice 04:35 Dice Tray 05:14 Foundry VTT Anniversary Dice Set (This isn't the one that is being rolled in the video in spite of what I said. I was rolling Dicefinder Basic) 06:02 Libraries and Beginner Box (on but can be ignored) 06:37 Pathfinder Token Pack: Bestiaries 07:06 PF2e Companion Compendium 07:48 pF2E Keybind Menagerie (Drental decided to spell it this way…) 08:55 Pf2E Modifiers Matter 10:04 Quick Insert 10:36 Token Action HUD 11:32 PF2e Workbench 12:42 Other common modules (UI modifications, drag ruler, enhanced terrain) 14:02 Outro

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