Every Insider Leak I’ve Been Given On Wizards of the Coast

In this video I reveal and breakdown every communication I've had with Wizards of the Coast employees over the last two weeks regarding the OGL 1.1, the future of D&D and D&D Beyond, and the general experience of working at Wizards.

Please do not harass or attack anyone at Wizards. Or anyone ever. Make your voice heard firmly and kindly.

How can we trust you?

Multiple people have had contact with these sources and can confirm I'm honestly and accurately relating information. Ginny Di, Ted from Nerd Immersion, Treantmonk, and the lawyer Noah Downs have all had access to verify that this material is real. This is a direct recounting of all that I have been sent.

How can we trust these "employees" are who they say they are?

All these employees reached out to me initially over email. Immediately, I ignored those emails, and messaged the person they were claiming to be directly on Linkedin via a burner account I created for this purpose. This was always the first step of verification. Once the person had respoded via Linkedin, I had confirmation that, at the very least, someone with both this person's email address and linkedin profile was getting in touch.

From here I opened communications, and requested additional proof. This involved a direct, face-to-face call, and usually additional contact …

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4kGMsZSdbY
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