Planning for the future and the OGL

We want to discuss openly our thoughts and feelings on the current state of D&D, the OGL, and what our plan moving forward is.

At the end of this video is a further update regarding the new statement made by WOTC on Jan 18th 2023, which came in literally as we were about to stop rolling. You can read that statement here:

If you want to find more info on the OGL we recommend: Mark Hulmes: Ginny Di : - this video compiles a lot of info in to one place. Linda Codega : - a great article on the ongoing situation. CBC Article featuring us: Sly Flourish : - a great in depth discussion on everything happening.

TIME STAMPS 0:00 - Intro 0:48 - A Personal Message 5:20 - Supporting Third Parties 8:01 - Going Forward 10:12 - Other TTRPG Content 11:49 - D&D Content 13:14 - Housekeeping Changes 14:22 - Pathfinder Content 16:14 - The Fate of Drakkenheim 17:18 - Final Thoughts 21:31 - Reacting to new information from WOTC

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