Secrets of Magic Review [Pathfinder 2nd Edition]

Hello Travelers & Tourists,

Today, I’ll be taking a look at the newest book for Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Secrets of Magic! I’ll offer my overall thoughts on this product & give a brief overview of the contents.

This review is not sponsored or requested in any fashion - and represents my personal thoughts on a product I purchased for my own gaming table. However, as with any review on this channel, please remember my consistent disclaimer:

It is always best to "try before you buy." Testing a product for yourself is always the best way to determine if it is a good purchase for your game.

This is a long video, so please use these Time Stamps to help navigate the video:

00:00 - Happy Anniversary Mrs. Disaster Tour Guide 03:43 - Title Screen 04:27 - Introduction 06:54 - Overall Thoughts 14:23 - Chap. 1: Essentials of Magic 18:33 - Chap. 2: Classes 23:47 - Chap. 3: Spells 27:10 - Chap. 4: Magic Items 32:42 - Chap. 5: The Book of Unlimited Magic 45:30 - Closing Thoughts

As always, please leave your thoughts, observations, & feedback in the comments section below! I appreciate everyone who joins in the conversation!

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