Tools of the Lazy Dungeon Master (2021)

Mike shows off his favorite tools for Lazy Dungeon Masters. Click "Show More" for links and notes.

Video Contents 00:00 Intro 00:49 Lazy Monster Tokens 02:39 Lazy DM Cheat Sheet 03:16 NPC Portrait Deck: Adventurers 04:35 3x5 cards 04:55 Pencils 05:01 Lazy Numbered Initiative Tent Cards 05:26 Dice & Dice Tray 05:54 The Lazy DM’s Workbook 06:47 Pathfinder Flip Mat Basic 08:18 The Core Books: PHB, MM, and DMG 09:11 Fantastic Adventures Pre-gen Character Pack 10:51 Zipper pouches 11:37 Use Tools to Help You Improvise 12:23 All packed up

Lazy Monster Tokens Article

Lazy Monster Tokens Video

Lazy DM Cheat Sheet

NPC Portrait Deck: Adventurers

3x5 cards

Cheap pencils (for players)

Good pencils (for DMs)

Initiative tent cards article

Wyrmwood dice

Dice tray

The Lazy DM…

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