Abomination Vaults GM Prep 006: Belcorra’s Retreat

SPOILER ALERT! This entire video series is full of Spoilers for the Abomination Vaults adventure path! Avoid if you are a player or don’t want the story of our adventures to be spoiled!

Join Steve as he helps you to know the important bits as a GM to run the Servants’ Quarters, which is level 2 of the Abomination Vaults dungeon. Learn the layout, the important factions, the backstory, and the foreshadowing that will help you take your GM Prep to the next level.

Steve is streaming his GM prep on Sundays, 8:00 PM PDT on twitch.tv/dmsteve. Enjoying the prep? Check out our gameplay! We are playing Ruins of Gauntlight live on twitch.tv./dmsteve, Wednesdays at 7:00 PM PDT. Videos are typically posted here on Youtube 2 days after their premiere on twitch.

Link to the Graveyard Map + Foundry Import Json (tested on 7.10): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WHbPyyqyBciPd4hkFwiTCGLzxIQzXmU2/view?usp=sharing

Chapters: 0:00 DM Steve Introduction

Check out the Abomination Vaults Players Guide for FREE from Paizo: https://paizo.com/products/btq027jb?Pathfinder-Adventure-Path-Abomination-Vaults-Players-Guide Check out the Adventure path we are playing: https://paizo.com/store/pathfinder/adventures/adventurePath/abominationVaults

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