Session Zero Dragon of Icespire Peak & Lost Mine of Phandelver (DM Q&A #2) 🔴LIVE

This live stream video discusses dungeon master questions and answers for dragon of icespire peak & lost mine of phandelver. This content is my personal experience of running a session zero for Dragon of Icespire peak. The dragon of icespire peak is in the dungeons & dragons essentials kit for d&d 5e. The lost mine of phandelver is in the dungeons and dragons 5e starter set. Dungeons & dragons 5e starter set or introduction kit role-play game advice. Dungeon Master guide and advice discussing in detail everything people want to know about on both adventures. Dragon of Icespire Peak is an adventure for beginner players, but more likely intermediate players for d&d 5e. The video starts at 1:26.

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