POWER UP - Minion Edition Level 4

Join GM Jared, Fabio, and Steve as they talk Minions, and Companions. Here Fabio, and Steve took two different directions on how to use minions/companions/summoned monsters to their advantage. Fabio took the Ranger, Beastmaster route, and Steve took the Witch, Familiar Master option. If your on our Patreon, @ https://www.patreon.com/NVNGpodcast, at lkeast the $5 teir, your can get access to the character sheets for each of these characters from Pathbuilder, if your so inclined to take a look at our exact choices.

Until then, may your summons be strong, and may your animal companions survive at least one hit!

Bear with us, as there was a slight audio recording error, so some of the audio came from the camera.

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