Pathfinder (2e): Basics of Stealth

The basics of Stealth in the Pathfinder (2nd Edition) RPG from Paizo!

In this video we examine the rules for Stealth. We cover how it is calculated, when you roll it versus when your GM rolls against your Stealth DC, and other basic concepts like hiding, sneaking and creating a diversion.

This presentation is a follow-up to our video on Perception, and it is highly recommended you watch that video before proceeding:

WANT TO SKIP AHEAD? 00:08 - Detection and Perception 01:36 - What is Stealth? 02:38 - Conceal an Object 05:09 - Hide 07:45 - Create a Diversion 09:16 - Sneak 12:04 - Example #1 (Stealing the Tome) 20:54 - Example #2 (Escaping with the Tome) 23:58 - TL;DR (Summary)

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