The Ultimate Guide to Miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons

Our Ultimate Guide to Miniatures will help you find the perfect miniatures for your Dungeons and Dragons game! See below for full list of links to all the resources mentioned in this episode!

4:17 Pre-painted Plastic Miniatures 12:47 Hand-painted Miniatures 19:30 3D Printing 25:48 Paper Miniatures and Pawns 30:25 Digital Tabletops

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+++ Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures +++ See for a full catalog of the Icons of the Realms and Pathfinder Battles sets with photos and rarities Visit,,, (for Canadians) for singles Check eBay, social media groups, and other local sale sites for huge lots of random figures when folks decide to sell off their entire collection.

+++ Hand-Painted Figures +++ Reaper Miniatures Figure Finder

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