The Appeal of Tabletop Gaming and Critical Role

I was sent some interview questions for an article and I decided to answer them via Livestream.

The Questions: • What do you think the allure of tabletop gaming is? • Why do you think that podcast and streaming entertainment for tabletop gaming has grown so massive in the last few years? • What do you think changed, if anything, to facilitate this boom? • What is the most important aspect of tabletop gaming to you? • Do you think tabletop gaming and roleplaying have positive impacts on people’s mental growth? • I have been following your channel for a while so I remember when you were still a teacher, did you ever run sessions with your students or just kids in general? • If you did run sessions with your students or with other kids or teenagers (those still maturing), do you notice any positive impacts on the kids/teens because of tabletop gaming? • How long have you been playing tabletop gaming and what prompted you to start playing? • I asked one of the creative directors at Paizo similar questions and he brought up the idea that people like tabletop gaming because they get to create their own entertainment, what are your thoughts on this? • In relation to the previous question, if people play tabletop gaming to create their own entertainment why do you think podcasts and streaming sources o…

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