Read Between the Leading - Episode #26

This episode takes a turn from our previous episode’s very specific topic. In episode 26, we discuss some lofty ideas concerning design sustainability in all matters (social, economic, environmental, etc.) as well as design altruism. We tackle three specific examples, including Cradle to Cradle, and two inventions that are helping developing nations and people. We go in-depth to discuss our consumption, poke fun at laptop stands, and try to begin to peel the bandaid to see how designers can help.

We ask that you let us know too. At the end, we pose a few questions, and now more than ever, we’d love to hear from you. This is a big topic that, comparatively, the two of us know nothing about. The question, though, is pretty simple—how can we help?

In addition, we’d love to have you, dear viewers, on the show. Send us an email. Let us know what times during the week you’re available. Maybe you’ll hear back and be invited on a future episode.

Finally, we’d like to thank Jos for our acknowledgment in his recent Museo Slab spec book. You can check it out in the shownotes, and the face should be available soon.

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