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  1. Upgrade #244: Push All the Sales Buttons - Relay FM

    Apple’s financial results lead us to discuss a new focus on iPhone sales and Apple throwing Intel under the bus. Then @markgurman of Bloomberg swoops in with a huge collection of macOS, iOS, and watchOS rumors for us to dissect.


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  2. Upgrade #198: The Mac Is Dead, Long Live the Mac - Relay FM

    Apple has said that it’s not merging iOS and macOS, but that sneak peek of iOS apps coming to macOS opens up a lot of questions. Jason’s optimistic, but Mac users may be in for the biggest changes to the platform since the introduction of Mac OS X.


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  3. Upgrade #196: Workflow Siren - Relay FM

    Live from WWDC, Jason and Myke break down the major announcements for iOS, macos, and watchOS, including a close result in the Upgrade Keynote Draft, the emergence of user automation on iOS via Siri, and potentially big changes to the Mac App Store


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  4. Upgrade #170: The Rat King of Cables - Relay FM

    All the Apple operating-system bugs in the world can’t stop us from discussing Jason’s office clean-out, holiday decorations, the new Kindle Oasis, and podcasting tools and techniques. And yes, in the end we have to discuss Apple’s terrible week.


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  5. Upgrade #168: Hail Hydrant - Relay FM

    The possibilities of an iMac with an A10 processor inside, the delay of the HomePod, Apple’s understanding of professional Mac users, the return of Twitterrific for the Mac, and the proper way to refer to keyboard shortcuts.


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  6. Upgrade #166: The Machine That Makes Money - Relay FM

    Myke abandons the #plusclub for an iPhone X, and compares notes with Jason after a week of using Apple’s new phone. We also discuss Apple’s latest quarterly results, which show great news and the promise of a record-setting holiday quarter to come.


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  7. Upgrade #165: The iPhone X Review - Relay FM

    This week is all about the iPhone X, which Jason reviewed and now has in his hands to answer Myke’s—and your—questions.


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  8. Upgrade #158: New Theater Smell - Relay FM

    Apple unveiled three new iPhones, a new Apple Watch, a 4K Apple TV, and the new Steve Jobs Theater at its September event. Jason was there and returned home just in time to join with Myke in recapping and analyzing everything that went on at Apple Park.


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  9. Upgrade #79: Turkey Dinner Pizza - Relay FM

    Guest John Siracusa joins Jason to talk about HDTV, the future of the Mac, and pizza.


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