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  1. 1: Welcome to the show! — Swift Community Podcast

    Welcome to the Swift Community Podcast — a podcast for the Swift community, by the Swift community. On this initial episode, John Sundell, Garric Nahapetian and Chris Lattner introduce the concept of the show and why it was created — and recount their first impressions of Swift and the evolution of the community, starting with Chris’ initial prototype back in 2010.

    Hosted by

    John Sundell

    Garric Nahapetian

    Chris Lattner

    How to get involved

    Want to contribute to the Swift Community Podcast? We’d love your help and support. This show will be run just like an open source project — and you’re more than welcome to contribute. Check out the show’s GitHub repository for more information.



    Swift by Sundell

    Swift Weekly Brief

    Bertrand Serlet


    ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)


    John’s first article


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