macOS Monterey Review β€” The M1 Pro / Max Update!

macOS Monterey is here but should you upgrade now or wait? πŸ”₯ NO ADS + bonus content! CuriosityStream & Nebula for less than $15 a YEAR!

Live Text, FaceTime for… lockdowns, Quick Notes, Focus Modes, Shortcuts… in progress, M1 Pro and Max acceleration, Safari redemption, and M1 Pro/Max acceleration! John Gruber of Daring Fireball, the Talk Show, and Dithering fame joins me for MacOS Monterey β€” the review!

Note: Gruber's video was shot entirely with the new M1 Pro MacBook Pro 1080p camera


πŸ–₯ New Apple Products for 2021:

πŸ’» Apple Silicon Macs (M1):

πŸ“± iPhone 13 Coverage:



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Jacob Uribe, John Malkin, Ryan Parman, Roy Burns, Henk van Ess, Paco Arango, Rich Stakounis, Chad Potts, Daniel Pinto, Rod Gray, Daniel Z Wilkerson, Daniel Pasco, Jeffrey David Marraccini, Steven Kaplan, Mark Lussier, Martin Perry, Christopher Wiggins, …

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