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  1. Bobby Marks on Trade Deadline in the Eastern Conference - ESPN

    ESPN’s NBA front-office insider Bobby Marks joins The Woj Pod to discuss the latest on how Eastern Conference teams will factor into Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline.


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  2. ‎Don’t Call it a Rebuild It’s a TEAMBUILD: 2020 MLB Draft Discussion on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Brian Sakowski, National Director of Scouting from Perfect Game and Harris Frommer join Mark and Chris as they start the conservation discussing Spencer Torklinson, Austin Martin and Emerson Hancock (1:50-27:22)

    Gage Workman, J.T.Ginn, Jordan Westberg, Nander De Sedas & Robby Martin are a few of the…


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  3. TeeVee | The Mandalorian S1E1 Review: “Chapter 1” (Episode 591)

    In the inaugural episode of A Complicated Profession, host Dan Moren is joined by fellow Star Wars aficionado John Siracusa to discuss the debut of The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series. We talk about the heritage of Star Wars on TV, Werner Herzog as Werner Herzog, and exactly what kind of show this is.


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  4. QPR: Quotidian Public Radio - QPR: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”

    QPR: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”

    MP3 Download: QPR - Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”Social Media expert, Dr. Robert Chandler (onFocus University), joins Connor to discuss web-based community and user-generated content. He also takes a few calls from QPR listeners.

    posted 8 years ago


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  5. ‎One Shining Podcast: Kansas’s Big Problem, Pitino Settles, and Top Prospects With Sam Vecenie | One Shining Podcast on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Titus is joined by The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie to discuss major NCAA allegations handed to Kansas and Bill Self, Rick Pitino settling his lawsuit with Louisville, Chuma Okeke refusing to sign his rookie contract with the Orlando Magic, top 2020 draft prospects, Sam’s wedding, and more!


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  6. All The Presidents Lawyers

    The House of Representatives appears to be moving toward impeachment of President Trump.


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  7. PLANET MONEY - Episode 926

    Episode 926: So, Should We Recycle?

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  8. PLANET MONEY - Episode 925

    Episode 925: A Mob Boss, A Garbage Boat and Why We Recycle

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