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  1. Uni Freiburg - Kein echter Neuanfang

    Neun Jahre lang hat die Evaluierungskommission an der Universität Freiburg versucht, die Dopingvergangenheit der Freiburger Sportmediziner aufzuklären. Immer wieder kam es dabei zu Streitigkeiten, bis sich die Kommission in dieser Woche auflöste. Die Uni versuche sogar, wieder in den Leistungssport einzusteigen, meint Dopingexperte Ralf Meutgens.

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  2. Reconsidering the ‘Broken Windows’ Theory : NPR

    For 20 years, something called the "broken windows" theory has guided some social policy and many city police departments. The theory holds that disorder in urban neighborhoods leads people to be disorderly. New research shows that people's perceptions of disorder don't always match the actual disorder in their neighborhoods.

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  3. 5by5 | Mikes On Mics #75: Making and Taking Opportunities

    For their first show on the mighty 5by5 Network, a fairly big opportunity for "The Mikes", they aptly discuss opportunities. This game changer of an episode comes at a time where the game is changing; not only for the podcast, but for Schechter. His famil

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