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  1. Grasp the Nettle

    KMO welcomes C-Realm regular, Neil Kramer, back to the program in an attempt to inject a bit of reasonable optimism to the C-Realm cavalcade of doom and gloom. Can changing consciousness change the external world? Many say that this is impossible, but according to Neil, no significant improvement in our external condition will take unless we lay the groundwork with a prior internal change.

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  2. Neil Kramer talks to Cyrilla Gallagher, host of The Aspiro Life Radio Show, part of the Spirit Of Ma’at Network.

    In this hour-long interview, subjects discussed include: the allure and anxiety of end dates, recurring planetary changes, wanting to be saved, what holds people back from making real conscious growth, disbelief in the old hierarchies, perspectives on how humanity is shifting individually & collectively, socio-economic and structural changes and what this reflects about us on the inner level.

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