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  1. Podcast #1: Getting Started with Journaling – Journaling Saves!

    It’s time for the inaugural Journaling Saves Podcast!

    Now that I’ve recovered from listening to my own voice all day, I can share my initial foray into the land of multimedia with you.

    The podcast is about 13 minutes long.

    You can stream it right here on the website or you can download it to your computer to listen to later in iTunes or the media player of your choice.

    This podcast is in response to a fabulous reader question:

    “How do you get over fear of the blank page in a new journal?”

    I talk about some tricks I use to get started, as well as some advice on conquering the fear of writing.

    Be sure to send me your questions and if I use one in a future podcast, I’ll send you a great goody bag as a thank you.

    Feedback is always welcomed.

    I hope you enjoy!

    To download the podcast to your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD link and choose “save as”.

    You can also subscribe to the podcast directly on iTunes. Play in new window | Download

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  2. Podcast #3: Inspiration in All the Wrong Places – Journaling Saves!

    Do you think it’s possible to get inspired by a job loss or a fight with a friend?

    In this podcast, I talk about how we can use our journals to find the silver lining in those gloomy clouds.

    Your journal is a valuable tool in healing over loss, unexpected change, or negative circumstances.

    Learn how we can pinpoint the difference between grief and a pity party, and how to use confrontations as a source of positive growth.

    To download the podcast to your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD link and choose “save as”.

    You can also subscribe to the podcast directly on iTunes. Play in new window | Download

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  3. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 139, With Special Guests Craig Federighi and John Siracusa

    The Talk Show

    ‘How Many Fingers Should This Baby Have?’, With Special Guests Craig Federighi and John Siracusa

    Monday, 14 December 2015

    Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi joins the show for a wide-ranging half-hour discussion about Swift — Apple’s new programming language that just went open source.

    Next, John Siracusa returns to the show to follow up on Federighi’s segment on Swift. Other topics include Apple’s new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6/6S, and our mutual (and perhaps futile) desire to head into this week’s premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens knowing as few spoilers as possible.

    Download MP3.

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    Craig Federighi talking about Swift going open source with Ars Technica, TheNextWeb, and Mashable.

    Siracusa’s explanation of Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) in his Mac OS X 10.7 review in 2011.

    Siracusa’s excellent introduction to Swift from his Mac OS X 10.10 review last year.

    Glyn Williams post on Quora regarding how iOS devices need less RAM than equivalent Android devices, because Android’s virtual machine uses garbage collection and iOS doesn’t. “The Curious Case of the Curious Case” — my review of Apple’s new Smart Battery Case.

    Michael Tsai’s link roundup on Sketch leaving the Mac App Store.

    “Don’t Drink the Bacta Tea” — spoiler-free episode of The Incomparable last week, with Siracusa, Jason Snell, Serenity Caldwell, and Dan Moren talking about The Force Awakens.

    Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki

    Sci-Fi Corridor Archive. Start here, of course.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  4. Expresso | PBX: o filme da década no Brasil, os discos do ano e o regresso a um tempo de paixão

    No PBX desta semana, uma parceria Expresso/Radar, falamos do filme "Que horas ela volta?", de Anna Muylaert, que estreia em Portugal a 3 de dezembro. Trata-se de um filme que estava na cabeça da realizadora há 20 anos e que mostra um Brasil na desigualdade de classes - foi prémio do público no Festival de Berlim e de melhor actriz no Festival de Sundance. Ana Muylaert é a primeira mulher em 30 anos a ser pré-nomeada para o óscar de melhor filme estrangeiro. Na segunda parte, Inês Meneses e Pedro Mexia falam da reedição do livro “Portugal - Tempo de Paixão”, da jornalista Leonor Xavier, com 100 testemunhos para compreender o “Verão Quente de 1975”. E espreitamos ainda os discos do ano e a música do tempo em que havia PBX

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