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  1. Fool’s Paradise with Lux & Ivy

    This is an amazing interview with Lux and Ivy that Rex Doane conducted for his show, Fool’s Paradise, back when HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER came out.

    This interview is essential for truly understanding the mythos of The Cramps. Yes, The Cramps made amazing music, and amazing contributions to the history of music, but to really get a good idea of where they are coming from, is to listen to the music that inspired them. If you think its all crazy rockabilly, you’re wrong.

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  2. Sasha Frere-Jones by How Long Gone

    Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer, musician, and music critic living in New York. Chris and Jason chat with him about the recent passing of his ex-wife, sobriety, being both a musician and a music critic, the importance of our loved ones pushing us further, writing his memoir, mixtapes, streaming music, Substack, and why he loves New York.

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  3. How Octavia Butler’s Sci-Fi Dystopia Became A Constant In A Man’s Evolution

    It was middle school, eighth grade, when a sheltered 13-year-old boy suddenly found himself immersed in an unfamiliar world, guided by a girl who wasn’t much older, a girl on the verge of leading a religious movement.

    At first glance, it might appear as if all they had in common was age, but there was more. They were both growing up in religious households — she a Baptist in a walled community outside of Los Angeles, he a Muslim in suburban Maryland. And they shared a burning desire to understand the constantly evolving, confusing world they occupied.

    The boy was me. The girl, Lauren Oya Olamina, is, of course, the main character in Octavia Butler’s classic science fiction novel Parable of the Sower. We were introduced by an adventurous middle school English teacher who assigned the book to my class.

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  4. The colonisation of space - 7am

    The early era of space exploration was dominated by romantic ideas of universal connectedness. But the increasingly privatised nature of the space industry has obscured that vision. Today, Ceridwen Dovey on the new space industry entrepreneurs, and why we should be worried about what they’re planning.

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  5. The Comics Alternative: Episode 307: A Publisher Spotlight on Glom Press

    Two guys with PhDs talking about comics! The Comics Alternative is a multi-programmed podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics. (There’s nothing wrong with superhero comics. We just want to do something different.) New review episodes become available every Wednesday and include discussions of graphic novels and current ongoing series, overviews of upcoming comics, examinations of collected editions, insightful analyses of a variety of critical texts, and spotlights on various creators and publishers. The Comics Alternative also produces a many in-depth interviews with creators. In addition, you’ll find a variety of themed monthly programs, such as shows specifically dedicated to webcomics, manga, comics for younger readers, European albums, and on-location events.

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  6. Robin Sloan’s Hilarious and Bizarre Food Novel

    The Bite team interviews author Robin Sloan, author of the new novel Sourdough. When a gift of magical sourdough starter lands on the protagonist’s lap, she rolls up her sleeves and learns how to bake. Secretive, invite-only farmer’s markets and oblique cheese mongers soon enter the picture. Sloan, whose previous novel is Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, peppers the brisk, entertaining story with plenty of food trend send-ups along the way. Maddie and Kiera talk with Sloan about all that and more on this very special live episode of Bite.

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  7. A Discussion With Some OG Crypto Punks by Digitally Rare

    We so excited to welcome the Velvet Underground of NFT on Ethereum, Matt and John of Cryptopunks and (now) Autoglyphs fame! Things discussed:

    • The state of art on the blockchain - specifically the ways that the traditional digital art market is already just a crappy blockchain, basically.- What’s different about launching an NFT project now vs two years ago.

    • Pause functions in Ethereum.

    • Choon, and the perils of launching a blockchain project that people seem to really love.

    • An abandoned Larva Labs NFT project idea.

    and much much more!

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