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  1. Nukes - Radiolab

    President Richard Nixon once boasted that at any moment he could pick up a telephone and - in 20 minutes - kill 60 million people. Such is the power of the US President over the nation’s nuclear arsenal. But what if you were the military officer on the receiving end of that phone call? Could you refuse the order?

    This episode, we profile one Air Force Major who asked that question back in the 1970s and learn how the very act of asking it was so dangerous it derailed his career. We also pick up the question ourselves and pose it to veterans both high and low on the nuclear chain of command. Their responses reveal once and for all whether there are any legal checks and balances between us and a phone call for Armageddon.

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  2. Virtual Memories Show: John Porcellino — 35 Cents & A Stamp

    Virtual Memories Show: John Porcellino — 35 Cents & A Stamp

    “I managed to go 43 issues before I hit the paralyzing grip of self-doubt and self-consciousness [from realizing that I had an audience]. I feel lucky that I had all those years to write comics in essentially a vacuum. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be 20 years old and trying to write comics in this world with the internet’s immediate response.”

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  3. Elna Baker: My Grandmother’s Dress

    My Grandmother’s Dress follows my childhood dream to be beautiful and my pursuit of the hottest guy in the Mormon singles scene.

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  4. Elna Baker: The Funny One

    The Funny One: is a story about being the funny one.

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  5. Elna Baker: Babies Buying Babies

    Babies Buying Babies is about my time as a toy demonstrator at FAO Schwarz adopting Lee Middleton baby dolls.

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  6. Spacelog & story patterns: How to design experiences like you would a good book

    We talk a lot about narrative and story, but what exactly is a story? What makes it move you? Starting with, a brief look at some simple story patterns to make digital experiences that can inspire the soul.

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  7. The Moth: Tricia Rose Burt: How To Draw A Nekkid Man

    A burnt-out corporate executive tries to shake her A-type personality at art school.

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  8. Kevin McAuliffe & Julie Kraut: StorySLAM Favorites

    Two friendships made overseas must withstand the toils of international travel.

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