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  1. Gender Reveal - Episode 47: Gender 401

    Listen to Gender Reveal episodes free, on demand. Happy Pride! In this week’s episode, Molly answers listener questions with BFF of the show Z Griffler (they/them). Topics include:

    Deciding whether to start HRT Folks vs. folx (vs. dudex) He/him lesbians Safe binding tips Can cis people have dysphoria? And more!

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  2. Episode 53: What Can You Do — Queers Podcast

    Benjamin and Simon sit down intending to record an episode about what individuals can do in the face of structural problems like homophobia, but an article about violence against women sparks a disagreement between the hosts over the question: to what extent can and should we examine individual participation within broad structures of oppression? It’s the most we’ve ever disagreed!

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  3. Episode 307: A Publisher Spotlight on Glom Press

    Sterg and Derek focus a spotlight on Glom Press and their 2018 releases.

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  4. Katie Parrish, Comics, Art and Life: The Full Interview | Sci-Fi & Squeam

    In the studio Sonja The Squeamer speaks to the amazing and talented artist ,cartoonist Katie Parrish!

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