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  1. Episode 102: Josh Knobe discusses the true self - Elucidations: A University of Chicago Podcast | Pippa for podcasts

    Listen to Episode 102: Josh Knobe discusses the true self from Elucidations: A University of Chicago Podcast. In this episode, Josh Knobe discusses a series of experiments that try to tease out what we implicitly assume about who a person really is, deep down.

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  2. Nick Bostrom on the Simulation Argument

    Nick Bostrom doesn’t rule out the possibility that he might be part of a computer simulation. Find out why in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast.

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  3. The Big Ideas podcast: EF Schumacher’s ‘small is beautiful’ | Comment is free |

    Economist Andrew Simms and Guardian columnist Madeleine Bunting are among those joining Benjamen Walker to discuss the legacy of Schumacher’s ‘Buddhist economics’

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  4. Philosophers Zone - 26 February 2011 - The Julian Assange Conspiracy - Networks, power and activism

    The object of Wikileaks is to dismantle the conspiracies that, according to its founder, rule the world. But what is a conspiracy and are you part of one? According to Assange, it’s possible to be a member of conspiracy without even knowing that you are. This week, we look at Julian Assange’s political philosophy and his view of the world as a network of conspiracies.

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