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  1. Zum Podcast Episode 24 - Michael Morley

    Exciting to meet up with Mr. Michael Morley of The Dead C, Gate, 2 Foot Flame, and much more. Legendary New Zealand music and art figure, I had a chat with Michael at a Gate show with Ramleh in San Francisco. We touch on his art career, other music projects, daily life in Port Chalmers, and even the recently departed David Bowie.

    Special thanks to Tim Leanse for assistance with the interview at the Elbo Room.


    HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music)

    THE DEAD C - Sky - Harsh 70s Reality (Siltbreeze)

    GATE WITH LEE RANALDO & ZEENA PARKINS - MM/LR/ZP - Threadwaxing Space (Zero Hour)

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  2. Flying Nun favourites with Bruce Russell | Saturday Morning, 10:10 am on 5 November 2011 | Radio New Zealand

    Archivist, user experience consultant, member of the Dead C., and music writer, who has curated a new Flying Nun archival compilation, Time to Go.

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  3. Vinyl revival keeps Ashburton record press busy | Nine To Noon, 11:24 am on 19 April 2016 | Radio New Zealand

    Peter King has been pressing records for 25 years for local and international acts. His Ashburton based business, King Worldwide is busier than ever with the revival of interest in vinyl records. Mr King specialises in lathe cut polycarbonate records, which are different to the traditionally presses vinyl records.

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  4. Virtual Memories Show #140: Dylan Horrocks, Straight Outta Hicksville

    “When you love an art form passionately, it can get complicated. It’s not a simple, clean, pure love that constantly enriches your life. It can also break your heart.”

    Live from CXC! Dylan Horrocks, the NZ cartoonist behind Hicksville (Drawn & Quarterly) and Sam Zabel And The Magic Pen (Fantagraphics), joins the show for a live podcast to talk about his fear of comics, our responsibility for our fantasies, the way he built a fruitful career around creative block, the influence of Maori culture on white New Zealanders’ perspectives, the way his backup stories keep becoming his major projects, his take on Charlie Hebdo and how it ties into his experience with the fatwa on Salman Rushdie, and the idea that America is a story we tell ourselves. This episode is part of our Cartoon Crossroads Columbus series of live podcasts. Give it a listen!

    “Part of what I was trying to do was to explore what it means to be marginal. Comics were seen as marginal to the literary world and the art world, and New Zealand is seen as being at the bottom of the world. Instead of saying, ‘We’re on the edges of these two worlds, so let’s travel to the center,’ I decided that there is no center. Wherever you are on the surface of the world, that’s the center of the world.”

    Dylan also talks about backing into mainstream comics without a vision for what to do when he got there, his parents’ history in a Trotskyist revolutionary cell, the literary aspect of his work, and whether comics really will break your heart. BONUS: you get my story about how Hicksville led me travel to the other side of the planet (and make this jump). Go listen!  (And go buy Hicksville and Sam Zabel And The Magic Pen!)

    “I have the idea that America is a narrative, a fiction, in the same way that every nation is kind of a fictional construction… . America is a story we tell ourselves.”

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  5. Nga Pakiwaituhi: New Zealand Comics and Graphic Novels

    Nga Pakiwaituhi presents a diverse selection of work by some of the most powerful voices in contemporary New Zealand comics, from established, internationally-acclaimed professionals to underground artists and emerging talents. In recent years, New Zealand comics creators have achieved unprecedented visibility and success, both here and overseas. A growing number of New Zealand graphic novels, comic books, webcomics and zines are helping to establish the local comics scene as one of the liveliest corners of our cultural landscape

    Panel Discussion: 6pm Wednesday 10 April, 2013. Featuring Dylan Horrocks, Adrian Kinnaird, Sarah Laing and Sam Orchard.

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