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  1. NAIDOC Week: Sovereign Trax - Books and Arts - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Hannah Donnelly curates Sovereign Trax, a monthly playlist of music by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from around Australia.

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  2. Takeshi Murata and Robert Beatty | Bad at Sports

    This week: San Francisco checks in with a great interview. Bad at Sports contributors Brian Andrews and Patricia Maloney sat down with artist Takeshi Murata and sound designer Robert Beatty on November 9, 2013, at Ratio 3, in San Francisco, to discuss Murata’s most recent digitally animated video, OM Rider(2013).

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  3. Studio Visit: Frederica Frabetti and Mark Fell

    Federica Frabetti, author of Software Theory, and musician Mark Bell, discuss their approaches to thinking through and using software.

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  4. The Ex-Lion Tamers and Wire- the amazing story via cassette |

    You may (or may not) have heard the story; it’d actually be the premise for an amusing film: a band-obsessed rock critic forms his own band to cover his idols’ first album, and tours the USA opening for said idols playing that album. The Ex-Lion Tamers’ were Jim DeRogatis’ version of that story, and Wire is the article herein covered. 1987 was the year, and The Ex-Lion Tamers perfected a live version of Wire’s “Pink Flag”LP, playing the entire album in order in every worthy venue in the USA on Wire’s Summer “comeback” tour.

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  5. Zum Podcast Episode 24 - Michael Morley

    Exciting to meet up with Mr. Michael Morley of The Dead C, Gate, 2 Foot Flame, and much more. Legendary New Zealand music and art figure, I had a chat with Michael at a Gate show with Ramleh in San Francisco. We touch on his art career, other music projects, daily life in Port Chalmers, and even the recently departed David Bowie.

    Special thanks to Tim Leanse for assistance with the interview at the Elbo Room.


    HIGH CASTLE - After God - Spirit of the West (Zum) (intro music)

    THE DEAD C - Sky - Harsh 70s Reality (Siltbreeze)

    GATE WITH LEE RANALDO & ZEENA PARKINS - MM/LR/ZP - Threadwaxing Space (Zero Hour)

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  6. Zum Podcast Episode 16 - Robert Horton

    Robert Horton and Neil Campbell just completed the album Trojandropper, so I delivered copies to his house and crashed dinner. We talked about the lengthy process for Trojandropper and his history in the Bay Area punk and poetry scenes as a member of Appliances, ISM, Plateau Ensemble, and collaborations with players in many genres over the past three decades. Topics include "The Boot," Diane di Prima, partying with Ginsberg at Naropa, The Deaf Club, being the harbingers of West Coast rap, the dangers of chemistry, racism, and much more. A hidden fount of wisdom nestled in the El Cerrito hills, this is a fun one. Dig in!

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  7. This Is Memorial Device -€“ Rough Trade Radio

    Author & music journalist David Keenan stopped by our Podcast room to chat with Nina about his excellent novel, "This Is Memorial Device" (Rough Trade Book of the Month February 2017).

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  8. Episode 62, Nels Cline — 5049 Records

    Nels Cline is a guitar great in the truest sense of the word.  A Los Angeles native, Nels has played with everyone from Julius Hemphill to Time Berne, Mike Watt to Vinny Golia.  For the past ten years Nels has been playing guitar in Wilco and has recently relocated to New York.  Today’s talk is a good one and Nels tells a lot of great stories, from organizing concerts of improvised music in LA in the 80s to jamming with the Dead.

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  9. Chris Corsano — 5049 Records

    Chris Corsano is a brilliant and virtuosic percussionist who has worked with everyone from Thurston Moore to Daniel Carter, Nate Wooley to Bjork.  He’s an improviser, a thinker and a hell of a guy.  For this talk Chris and I get into it, swapping stories of playing with Jandek, improvising in New York and raising hell.  A good one to be sure.Chris Corsano

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  10. C. Spencer Yeh — 5049 Records

    Born in Taiwan and raised in Cincinatti, C. Spencer Yeh is a remarkable violinist, vocalist, improviser and film-maker.  Since moving to New York in 2010, he’s been incredibly active in a wide variety of creative settings including collaborations with musicians like Nate Wooley & Lasse Marhaug, acting as programmer for Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theater as well as being a contributing editor for BOMB Magazine. For this conversation, taped only two days before the 2016 presidential election, Spencer and I discuss his personal history, noise aesthetics, how to properly roast a chicken and record store culture. C. SPENCER YEH

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