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  1. C. Spencer Yeh — 5049 Records

    Born in Taiwan and raised in Cincinatti, C. Spencer Yeh is a remarkable violinist, vocalist, improviser and film-maker.  Since moving to New York in 2010, he’s been incredibly active in a wide variety of creative settings including collaborations with musicians like Nate Wooley & Lasse Marhaug, acting as programmer for Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theater as well as being a contributing editor for BOMB Magazine. For this conversation, taped only two days before the 2016 presidential election, Spencer and I discuss his personal history, noise aesthetics, how to properly roast a chicken and record store culture. C. SPENCER YEH

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  2. ♫ Episode #35 – Musician and Developer Peter Chilvers on Brian Eno’s Album and App Reflection

    Musician and developer Peter Chilvers discusses making apps with Brian Eno, including the new generative music composition Reflection.

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  3. Tape Op Podcast Episode 1: Brian Eno

    This interview with Brian Eno was not originally intended to be made available for listening. It has been cleaned up and lightly edited, but has some external and peripheral sounds including some cell phone interference, chairs banging around and jack hammering street repairs! In the spirit of Eno himself, these "ambient" additions were left in for interview continuity. Eno and Peter Chilver’s regenerative music app "Bloom" was used for the bed behind the interview.

    Original Interview Conducted July 22, 2011.

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  4. audioBoom / Episode 5 - Gerard Cosloy (Matador Records)

    Join in this week as Damian chats with his friend and “record-puter-outer”; Matador Records boss, Gerard Cosloy. The two discuss Gerard’s adolescents in the nascent days of Boston punk, and hardcore.

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  5. The Mixtape: Martin Phillipps | Radio New Zealand

    The Chills frontman Martin Phillipps delves deep into his back pockets to present an eclectic and personal selection of music inspired by the joy of discovery.

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  6. Playing Favorites: Alastair Galbraith | Saturday Morning | Radio New Zealand

    2006 Arts Laureate Alastair Galbraith talks to Kim Hill about his life in alternative music and composition, and chooses some of his favorite pieces of music.

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  7. Flying Nun favourites with Bruce Russell | Saturday Morning, 10:10 am on 5 November 2011 | Radio New Zealand

    Archivist, user experience consultant, member of the Dead C., and music writer, who has curated a new Flying Nun archival compilation, Time to Go.

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  8. Martin Creed: art and philosophy | Saturday Morning, 11:10 am on 3 October 2015 | Radio New Zealand

    Glasgow-raised artist who won the Turner Prize in 2001, who is visiting New Zealand to launch a major new public commission on the exterior of the Christchurch Art Gallery, and to make a show of new work at the Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland.

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  9. Robert Forster: Grant McLennan and the Go-Betweens | Saturday Morning, 10:09 am on 8 October 2016 | Radio New Zealand

    Kim Hill talks to Brisbane singer-songwriter Robert Forster, best known for his work with songwriting partner Grant McLennan, with whom he co-founded The Go-Betweens. The band, formed in 1977, made nine albums between 1981 and 2005, and Forster has made six solo albums, written music criticism for a number of magazines, and published The 10 Rules of Rock and Roll: Collected Music Writings 2005-09, and new memoir, Grant & I: Inside and Outside the Go-Betweens.

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  10. Ep 65: Val Loper - Bear Hands / Sanae Yamada - Moon Duo — WriteBehindUs

    Val tells BD about growing up in Connecticut, playing violin like a guitar and the phone call from his music teacher that lead to him getting his first guitar. He also shares how Bear Hands have gone from Indie to Major Label and now run their own.

    Sanae from Moon Duo tells us how the band got started when she was a frustrated English teacher and writer. How they toured relentlessly as a two piece in their minivan, something not easily done by a bigger group. How she’s now fully committed to making music and incorporating rhythm into the songs with the keys.

    —Huffduffed by lach

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